Congratulations on your new business adventure!

Launching an online business can feel overwhelming, so I want to help make things easy for you. I've curated some of my top articles and podcasts to help you get started, added a selection of must-have tools and resources every small business owner needs, and created a free quiz to help you narrow down your business model. 

I hand picked these articles and podcast episodes to help you get started...

No budget for courses and coaches? Learn online marketing for free by following the strategy that’s won wars and launched companies. Find out how it works in this episode of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast.

Want to know which list-building strategies are working for online business owners right now? Tune in to find out the eight tactics I continue to use, plus one or two I’m going to be testing soon.

How do you market your online courses when you don’t yet have an audience and your ads budget is a bit… lacking? Here’s an easy, seven-step process to follow.

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “How did you build that?” Here are the essential tools that keep my business running.

Still using those same old, boring lead magnets? Try some of these creative ideas for growing your list, courtesy of my brilliant friend, Lynette Chandler.

If you find yourself starting at a blank screen, with no idea what to send to your email list (or post to your blog, or share on social), here’s 49 things you can mail today.

Four steps to get started today

Top Recommendation

Step 1: Build your online platform with Mom Webs Hosting + WordPress

Serious business owners—even when they're just starting out—know they can't afford to build a business on someone else's platform. That's why I still use and recommend WordPress for all my websites. 

I know when you're new WordPress can feel pretty overwhelming, so I also recommend you connect with the team at Mom Webs Hosting. They'll have you set up in a jiffy, and they'll be there to help if you ever get stuck. 

Top Recommendation

Step 2: Start an email list with Active Campaign

Every business needs a way to stay in touch with their community, and that means building your email list right from the start. 

Active Campaign is the tool I use and recommend at any stage in your business. It's newbie friendly and affordable even on a small budget, plus it scales as you grow. You can't go wrong with this email platform, but check it out yourself with a 14-day free trial. 

Important Decisions!

Step 3: Decide what you'll sell

Businesses need a way to make money (thank you, Captain Obvious), and that means having something to sell. If you already have a business model in mind, great! You're well on your way!

If you're feeling stuck though, give my business model assessment a try. I'll ask you a few easy questions and make a personal recommendation based on your answers. Plus, I'll follow up with more resources you can use. 

Top Recommendation

Step 4: Install a shopping cart

If you sell courses, done-for-you content, services, a membership, or digital products of any kind from your own website, you're going to need a way to take payments and deliver your product files or access. 

I've used aMember since 2009, and it continues to be my number one recommendation for anyone who needs a shopping cart. It's endlessly flexible and scalable, and the team behind it offers top-notch support, too.