In this post we’re wrapping up a fantastic conversation I’ve been having with my friend and mentor Kelly McCausey. If you need to catch up on the convo, click through to read… Part 1: Entrepreneurship and Mindset Part 2: Self Development & Online Entrepreneurship Part 3: An Open Letter to

This is part four of a cross-blog conversation with my friend and mentor, Kelly McCausey, all about mindset and how it impacts your business. You can read part one on Kelly’s blog here, part two (my response) here, and part three here. In part three, Kelly has asked me for

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One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “How did you build that?” Here are the essential tools that keep my business running.

It seems like every week I talk to someone who is “getting ready to launch” a digital product. Sadly, further conversation often reveals that they’ve been in that “getting ready” state for months, and sometimes even years! What’s the hold-up? Quite frequently it’s one of these 5 myths about digital

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Blogging is still a cornerstone of your content marketing plan. Here’s how to start a business blog without getting overwhelmed or turning it into a total time suck.