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Turn visitors into leads, leads into prospects, and prospects into clients... Predictably, and without the
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Savvy solopreneurs know the power of a responsive mailing list. Download this list of easy-to-create opt-in incentives to attract your ideal customer, show off your skills, and make clients eager to work with you. 

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Landing pages not converting? List growth less than stellar? Your opt-in gift may need a refresher. Download my list of high-converting opt-in incentives and give your list-building efforts a boost!

Working too hard for every sale? A well-planned funnel can ease the day-to-day money stress so many entrepreneurs face. If that sounds overwhelming, don't worry. My free funnel workbook will get you started.

Now that your business is growing, it's time to scale. Here's  how today's top businesses use automated funnels to land more clients and earn more revenue with less work!

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Cindy has been an invaluable part of my team for the past 8 years, so you can bet she knows how to rock my business. She’s a super smart marketer, so she knows the ins and outs of running a business and understands what it takes to grow and increase profits. 

Melissa Ingold ​

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