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I make money every time she mails

One of an affiliate's most exciting moments is when you discover a product creator whose courses delight your list, who offers quality training, pays on time every time and makes it as easy as possible to promote their products. For me, that's Cindy Bidar!

Because the leads I send to her site are cookied for 60 days and because she carefully structures her backend funnels with helpful upsells (especially to her monthly program... recurring income!) I make money every time she mails even if I don't promote a particular new product.

Just about every other month I'm emailing Cindy to tell her I've broken my previous high commission level. Cindy's affiliate program is the total package!

Karon Thackston

Cindy makes it easy for affiliates to promote

I've been promoting Cindy's products for a few years and will continue to do it because I earn money and know my customers will learn something new and be taken care of when they become part of Cindy's community.

She makes it easy for affiliates to promote by providing at least one email swipe that has all the benefits of what her course, toolkit, or product offers.  I don't have to guess.

In addition, the products she creates just work.  I've used several of them myself and got results, so I can promote with confidence.

April lemarr

A Wonderful Partnership 

As an affiliate marketer there are certain things I look for and expect in any affiliate program I'm going to put my time and energy into.  

The program MUST offer me payments for not just the initial customer sale but those following. This is especially appealing if there's a subscription or membership payment involved. The company MUST have top-quality products that my customers will love (because my reputation is on the line when I promote these programs). And, most ideally, the company has great marketing that has one customer happily ordering more products!  

Cindy's affiliate program hits all these points perfectly. If I promote Cindy's programs I'm almost certain to make sales and when I have a month that I don't promote I'm still getting affiliate commissions coming in from the months I did put the work in previously - in other words - passive income for the win!  

 Cindy knows her stuff, practices what she teaches, is smart, savvy and a GREAT teacher (very important in a course creator). I do not hesitate to send my people to her over and over again. It's a wonderful partnership when you find someone like Cindy and her affiliate program

Angela Wills