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You’ve probably heard that you have to “nurture your list” if you want them to trust you. I think that’s BS. Tune into episode 15 of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast to find out why (and what to do instead).

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Get a behind the scenes look at our 2022 business planning session, including the tools we used to decide what changes we want to make, how we set our goals, and what I won’t be doing with my time in 2022.

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What happens to your business if you can’t work? In this episode, I’ll share some ideas for how you can be prepared for disasters before they occur, so you’re not left even more stressed out in the event of an emergency.

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If you’ve ever considered starting a membership site, you probably had questions. After all, it’s a big commitment with a lot of moving parts. In this episode of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast, I’m answering all the questions you asked, and one you didn’t.

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Learn how to peek behind the curtain at the tools and technology successful business owners use, so you can turn inspiration into action without having to rely on the shady world of software reviews.

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No budget for courses and coaches? Learn online marketing for free by following the strategy that’s won wars and launched companies. Find out how it works in this episode of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast.

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When you run an online business, overwhelm can start to feel like a permanent state of being… especially if you’re wearing all the hats. Here’s a 20-minute exercise that’s going to help you eliminate the overwhelm so you can start getting things done instead.

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If email marketing funnels are still a mystery, or you just can’t seem to create one that does its job, then tune in for this episode of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast. I’ll share a backward funnel planning strategy that makes crafting those emails easy, and that will encourage your subscribers to hit the buy button.