About Me

Hi, I'm Cindy!

My superpower is creating repeatable systems to build, grow, and scale your online business, and I've helped more than 5,000 entrepreneurs do just that through my courses, coaching, and my Six-Figure Systems program.

But let's back up.

You might remember 2008. The economy was in a shambles. The housing market was in crisis. The US government had to bail out the automotive industry to keep it from collapsing.

And me? Well, I worked in a tiny factory right in the middle of the rust belt, where we were making an alarmingly smaller number of car parts every single month.

That year, I drove to work each morning wondering if that would be the day I'd find the building permanently shuttered and me and my 150 coworkers out of work. I was desperate for other options, but I had two things working against me: First, the economy. There weren't any jobs to be had. Also, I was woefully underqualified for the job I had, so making a move to another employer was out, unless I wanted to take a serious cut in pay.

That's when I stumbled upon the idea that you could make money online, and (even better) I discovered that many of these online entrepreneurs were actively looking for writers.

"Hey," I thought. "I can write!" And so I did.

By 2010, as the economy started to recover, I had a nice little side hustle going. I had a few steady clients, and I was earning enough from my fledgling business to cover the mortgage every month and then some. I started having daydreams about ditching the day job and working from home full time.

Then one summer day, a client called to ask, "Can I hire you for 20 hours per week as my project manager?"

By that Thanksgiving, I'd turned in my company laptop and traded my cubicle for a corner office—a corner of my basement, that is. I lovingly referred to my new digs as "the dungeon" because it was so dark and damp, but over the years I spent in my dungeon, I helped to build dozens of six- and seven-figure empires for my clients.

I wrote sales pages and designed funnels for product sellers. I created webinars and ran ad campaigns for coaches. I built membership sites and forums; I managed email campaigns and Facebook groups; I even did a little website coding.

Then one Christmas I realized something.

I was turning away potential clients because I simply did not have the time available for them. And there were others who I knew I could help, but who couldn't afford my rates.

What if I changed my focus from done-for-you freelancing, and instead began serving a much larger audience on a much more affordable level?

In early 2018, I set out to do just that, and launched my very own Tiny Course Empire.

Today I share all of the systems and processes I developed over years of working one-on-one with clients, and I help you learn how to launch, grow, and scale your own online business.

So welcome. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let's get started.

To Your Success