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How to Build a Funnel with Thrive Architect and Active Campaign

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I get a lot of questions about how to build a funnel, so today when I sat down to create a new opt-in for a course I recorded, I decided to turn the camera on so you could watch over my shoulder as I set the whole thing up.

Tools to Use

There’s nothing fancy going on in this funnel build. It’s a landing page, a thank you page, and an email follow up. I created it using my two favorite email marketing tools:

Thrive Architect. This is the best page builder available today. The interface is intuitive, it includes dozens of templates to give you a great starting point, and you can choose not to pay a recurring fee for it, which makes the price super appealing. Check out Thrive Architect and all the other plugins they create here. I recommend you pick up the whole suite rather than buying just one piece at a time, but if you are on a budget, start with Architect and Thrive Leads.

Active Campaign. I cannot tell you how much I love this platform for email marketing. It’s every bit as powerful as the more expensive tools like Infusionsoft and Ontraport, and it comes with none of the confusion. Get a 14-day trial here and see for yourself, or go here to register for the Active Campaign training I mentioned in the video.

What questions do you have about building funnels? Drop them in the comments below and I’ll help you get it sorted. 🙂

  • Kat Sturtz says:

    Your timing is superb. As someone who recently moved from other tools, I’m still getting up to speed with Thrive Architect and ActiveCampaign. Jumping for joy here because this training cleared up a couple foggy issues for me. Thanks so much!

    • Cindy says:

      Glad to be of service! Let me know what other questions you have!

  • Tishia Lee says:

    Yes! Thank you thank you thank you for this. I’ve never used my Thrive Lightboxes feature before and having just moved to Active Campaign this helps so much. As always, another helpful and informative training from you 🙂

    • Cindy says:

      You’re very welcome! You’re going to love the combo of Thrive and Active Campaign!

  • Amber Smith says:

    This was a WONDERFUL training video, Cindy! The term “funnel” can be incredibly intimidating for newbies like me but this has been so eye-opening and squashed all of my anxiety around creating one! Thank you, Thank you! It’s these “basic” learning pieces that stump me. It’s hard when you don’t know know what you don’t know 😉

    • Cindy says:

      You’re welcome Amber. You’re not the only one who’s intimidated by the word “funnel,” but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you know the basics, you can build from there.

  • Bo says:

    I’ve referred to this training more than once. Super helpful.
    One question – I must have brain fog. If I put an opt-in widget on my website, I’m guessing it should not ask for anything, just click to go to the lead page?

    • Cindy says:

      A widget typically contains the opt-in form itself. If you want to send people to another page, then you can do that with just a button or a link.

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