Four Easy Content Upgrades To Grow Your Mailing List

Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Four Easy Content Upgrades To Grow Your Mailing List

If there’s one question I hear over and over again, it’s “How do I build a mailing list?”

There are a few tried-and-true strategies I’ve used, such as participating in bundles and giveaways or starting an affiliate program. But there is one method that consistently brings in high-quality subscribers to my email list, and that’s content upgrades.

In this episode, I’m chatting with content creator Jeff Herring about four ways I use content upgrades. I love these methods because they’re fast and easy, and they offer loads of value for my subscribers, too.

Prefer a transcript? Here you go!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What the heck is a content upgrade anyway?
  • How to turn your content into a downloadable resource
  • A clever WordPress plugin that does all the work for you
  • How to do more with content you’ve already created
  • The types of content that are perfect for content upgrades
  • Why this type of list-building gives you superpowers as an email marketer

Resources mentioned:

  • Six-Figure Systems is my monthly program where I help you plan, build, and grow a six-figure online business. Start your $7 trial today and see everything that’s included.
  • takes your written content and turns it into beautifully formatted documents with the click of a button.
  • Uncovering Hidden Cash will help you find all those profit streams that are costing you money every month.
  • PostGopher makes creating content upgrades as easy as installing a plugin.