Bootstrapping Your Digital Business

Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Bootstrapping Your Digital Business

One of the biggest appeals of digital course business—aside from showing up for work in your sweat pants—is that it takes very little cash to get started. You don’t need to save for years, or wine and dine angel investors, or wait for an inheritance to land in your bank account.

You can get started right now, today, with nothing more than a few dollars shaved off your household budget.

That’s what bootstrapping is all about, and in this week’s episode of the Tiny Course Empire podcast, I’ll share how I bootstrapped my own startup, and the steps you can take to do the same.

Prefer a transcript? Here you go!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The only two things you must have to start an online business
  • Why bootstrapping is about more than just finding the money to get started
  • One “rule” that will keep your finances in check
  • The one thing I recommend investing in, right from the start

Resources mentioned:

  • Six-Figure Systems is my monthly program where I help you plan, build, and grow a six-figure online business. Start your $7 trial today and see everything that’s included.
  • Shopify offers an e-commerce platform for sellers of both digital and physical goods.
  • Active Campaign offers a low-cost “lite” plan for email marketers just starting out.
  • ConvertKit lets you get started for free.
  • WordPress is the only website builder I recommend (and it’s free).
  • PayPal is the best choice for payment processing when you’re brand new.
  • Grit is Angela Duckworth’s book about what makes some people more successful than others.
  • Fiverr is a marketplace for service providers, and it’s a good place to earn your startup funds.
  • Upwork is another marketplace for freelancers in any niche.
  • Facebook Marketplace is where to list those unneeded items that are taking up space in your home.
  • OfferUp is an app that connects sellers to buyers.
  • Lynn Terry is at
  • AWeber was the first email marketing platform I used, and they’re still a good option for simple lists.