Five Compelling Reasons to Mail Your List Every Day

Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Five Compelling Reasons to Mail Your List Every Day

“Which day is best for sending email?”

Sooner or later, every business owner asks that question about email marketing, as if there is some window of time during which your subscribers are impatiently clicking the refresh button and waiting for your email to arrive.

Maybe that’s true if your name is James Clear. For the rest of us though, that sweet spot doesn’t exist. In fact, in this episode of The Tiny Course Empire Podcast, I want to make the case that the right answer to that question (for everyone but Mr. Clear) is:

Every day. You should email your list every. Single. Day.

Maybe you’re nodding along, knowing the power email has in your business. Or maybe you’re imagining a mounting list of spam complaints. Heck, maybe you’re even searching your inbox for my latest email just so you can reply and tell me how wrong I am (you wouldn’t be the first).

But here’s what I know:

Emailing my list more-or-less every day (I’m not perfect) is what has allowed me to build a multi-six-figure business. I can’t promise it will do the same for you, but I do know that a daily email habit will have a bigger impact than you can imagine, and I hope you’ll consider it.

Prefer a transcript? Here you go!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Two ways to view your email list, and how it impacts your messaging
  • How to build trust with your subscribers
  • Why email outperforms social media
  • How daily emails help create consistency in other areas of your business
  • Best practices for sending daily emails

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