The Regrettable Mistake That Slowed My Success

Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Tiny Course Empire Podcast
The Regrettable Mistake That Slowed My Success

I forget to add salt to my bread dough (pretty tasteless, in case you’re wondering). I wash a hot pink shirt with a load of whites (oops). I overwater the plants in my office and invite a hoard of fungus gnats to set up housekeeping.

But all of those are personal mistakes. No one ever knows about them but me (and maybe the husband, if he’s paying attention).

In business, it’s a whole different matter. Mistakes made here are often done in public, where others can see.

No one wants to make mistakes in public, so instead we only act when we know we have it perfectly figured out. And that right there is the biggest mistake of all, because making mistakes helps us improve. They’re what reminds us that next time, we should pay more attention to the recipe, or use more care when sorting the laundry.

In the 11 years I’ve been in business, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in an effort to not make any mistakes. I’m sharing seven of them with you in this episode of the Tiny Course Empire podcast, in the hopes that you’ll give yourself permission to embrace your mistakes early on. It’s the best way I know to find success.

Prefer a transcript? Here you go!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The best piece of advice I’ve ever received. I hope you’ll remember it as you work to build your business.
  • The most common regret successful online business owners have.
  • How being afraid of making mistakes held me back for too long.
  • What happened when I finally gave myself permission to be wrong.

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