Creating productive workflows in your business (four easy steps)

Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Creating productive workflows in your business (four easy steps)

The first time I realized that not everyone could easily break big projects into easily finished, bite-sized tasks was when I implemented (what I assumed was) a simple worksheet for tracking and completing a large project.

My client—the beneficiary of the project worksheet—was so impressed he shared it with the rest of the team, and asked me to create more workflows for other ongoing projects.

That was when I knew that not everyone thinks like me. Not everyone can look at a big project and see the smaller building blocks, and what order to complete them in for best results. Not everyone can easily see where the gaps are, and identify the things that can be safely eliminated.

Turns out, that’s my superpower.

If it isn’t yours though, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with this episode because I’m letting you in on my easy, four-step process for creating efficient, productive workflows in your business.

Prefer a transcript? Here you go!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • My four-step process for creating an efficient, effective, and results-oriented workflow out of any project.
  • Four steps to quickly create a rough draft of a project plan.
  • Why your first instinct (“I’ll just outsource this!”) is likely the wrong one.

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