Can you give away too much free content

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Can you give away too much free content

If you give away a lot of information on your blog or podcast or YouTube channel, do you run the risk of diluting your sales? Will people just continue to learn for free and never pay you for your courses or coaching or services?

That’s a worry that many small business owners face, and it sometimes causes them to play small, saving all the “best ideas” for their paid products.

What they don’t know is that people pay for more than just information. When you add that to the equation, you might just change your mind about how much to publish for free.

In this episode, we’ll dispell some myths about free content and discuss the most often shared advice for deciding what to give away and what to sell. Then I’ll explain my personal approach to deciding how much free content to publish.

Prefer a transcript? Here you go!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Three strategies I learned about how to separate free from paid content, and why I don’t follow any of them.
  • How I manage a balance between free and paid resources for my business.
  • Why I feel it’s ok to give away your best content.
  • Three reasons your customers will still pay you, even though they can learn everything they need for free.
  • Real life examples of successful online businesses (including this one) that give away far more than they sell, and why it works.

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