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Your 20-Minute Overwhelm Elimination Plan

Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Your 20-Minute Overwhelm Elimination Plan

Feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do to start or run your online business?

Honestly, I’d be surprised if you didn’t sometimes feel a bit overworked, burnt out, or just plain tired.

Running a business isn’t always a walk in the park, but there’s help.

In this episode, I’m going to give you a 20-minute action plan that’s going to clear your head, create good priorities, and organize your to-do list so you can actually get it done rather than worry over it.

Prefer a transcript instead? I got you covered right here.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to actually prioritize a mile-long to-do list, because when everything is a priority, nothing is.
  • An easy method to dramatically reduce overwhelm in just five minutes.
  • Why you shouldn’t put fake due dates on tasks, and what to do with them instead.
  • How to avoid endlessly “improving” on something in a search for perfection, and just get it done already.
  • Yet another thing I use 3 x 5 notecards for. Seriously, I buy them by the hundreds and I think you should, too.

Resources mentioned:

  • My favorite note cards. I use these for organizing courses, taking notes while on calls, prioritizing my to-do list, and even
  • Six-Figure Systems. My monthly online business training membership, where we talk about marketing, product creation, content planning and more.
  • Overwhelm elimination worksheet. Enter your name and email below to download a copy.
  • Fran Watson says:

    I so needed this today. I have been feeling completely overwhelmed this past week with all the things I am trying to get done – Stretch Yourself Challenge, My book of poetry to the publisher, client calls, clutter and more clutter….. I like the idea of a brain dump and will find my 3 x 5 cards to do this. Thanks Cindy

    • Cindy says:

      I’m glad it helped, Fran!

  • Great podcast Cindy! I can’t think of a single business owner who doesn’t occasionally feel overwhelmed. I use Asana now but I used to use index cards and definitely like being able to physically move things around.

    Here’s what I came up with to remember what to think about each time through.

    Do Later?
    Done =

    • Cindy says:

      Love it! The 4 “D’s”!

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