Nice job! Now it's time to embrace your inner CEO!

A funny thing happens when you reach this point in your business. It's as if all the work you put in at the growth stage finally begins to pay off. New opportunities come your way. Your income (and your impact) increase seemingly on their own, and when you say to your spouse, "Maybe I'll take next summer off," they don't roll their eyes at you because they know it's entirely possible. 

If you've got even bigger goals though, there are still improvements to be made, such as better automation, team building, and creating multiple streams of income. 

I hand picked these articles and podcast episodes to help you get started...

Get a behind the scenes look at our 2022 business planning session, including the tools we used to decide what changes we want to make, how we set our goals, and what I won’t be doing with my time in 2022.

If you’ve ever considered starting a membership site, you probably had questions. After all, it’s a big commitment with a lot of moving parts. In this episode of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast, I’m answering all the questions you asked, and one you didn’t.

When you run an online business, overwhelm can start to feel like a permanent state of being… especially if you’re wearing all the hats. Here’s a 20-minute exercise that’s going to help you eliminate the overwhelm so you can start getting things done instead.

If you think you have to rely on live product launches to be successful, you might be in for a surprise. In fact, here are five reasons you might want to go evergreen instead.

Smart business owners know their numbers. The question is, which numbers should you even be paying attention to? Here’s how to figure it out.

Use these tools to scale your business

Top Recommendation

Automated funnels create passive income

ActiveCampaign's automation builder makes it easy to create sophisticated sequences that turn subscribers into buyers and buyers into raving fans. It's the tool I use and recommend at any stage in your business.

It's newbie friendly and affordable even on a small budget, plus it scales as you grow. You can't go wrong with this email platform, but check it out yourself with a 14-day free trial. 

Top Recommendation

Countdown timers inspire action

There's just something about a limited-time offer that helps to turn browsers into buyers, and no tool makes that easier to create than DeadlineFunnel. 

Use it to create tripwires, one-time-offers, flash sales, and evergreen funnels. 

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Top Recommendation

Webinars make it easy to show off your expertise

LiveWebinar is a new favorite, and offers an upgrade from Zoom for anyone serious about running webinars. LiveWebinar handles both live and evergreen events with ease, offers built-in integrations with your favorite email platforms, and even allows you to embed your webinar player on your own website for easy participant access.  

Top Recommendation

Outsourcing lets you buy back your time

At this stage in your business it's time to start delegating the tasks that must be done, but that aren't the best use of your time. Whether it's bookkeeping, tech troubleshooting, graphic design, or dozens of other projects you don't love doing or aren't proficient with, there's someone out there who will do it well... and it will probably cost less than you think it will. 

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Know your numbers!

Tracking your results gives you increased insight

One of your most important jobs as the CEO of your business is to know what drives your income. That means tracking your results (yes, even if you hate spreadsheets). 

Just for email marketers, I've created an AirTable database that makes it easy for you to plug in your campaign plans and track your sales so you can know exactly what worked and what didn't. 

Don't let a fear of spreadsheets hold you back from using this powerful business builder.