How to Become a Better Writer

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How to Become a Better Writer

Owning an online business means you get to wear a lot of hats. Bookkeeper, project manager, website developer, and perhaps most important hat of all, that of content creator.

In fact, I can’t think of a single business that doesn’t require writing of some kind. You have emails to send, products to develop, sales pages to create… The list goes on.

Even YouTubers or podcasters will tell you that much of their work is in writing (or at least outlining) the content that drives their business.

Yet if you ask most people, they’ll tell you “I hate to write” or, “I’m just not a good writer.”

If that’s you, then listen up, because today I have a plan you can use to become a better writer, even if you’d rather schedule a root canal than draft a blog post.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • A three-step editing process you can use to improve any piece of writing.
  • Why most people think they’re a bad writer even if they’re not.
  • Tools to use to improve your writing.
  • What you can learn about writing by reading bad books.
  • One thing you must do right now to change how you feel about your writing.

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