How to build an audience from scratch (Online Business Roadmap Step 1)

Knowing how all the pieces of an online business fit together is not something that comes naturally to most people, and trying to work it out on your own can lead to overwhelm, and a laundry list of “must dos” and “have to haves.” Here’s a less stressful place to begin.

Recognizing and managing overwhelm

Sure, starting a new business can be a bit confusing at first, but if you find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of overwhelm, then something has to change. In this episode of the Tiny Course Empire podcast, we’ll take a look at the symptoms you might be experiencing, and I’ll give you a four-step plan to overcome the overwhelm that’s holding you back.

Overcome the confidence-crushing concerns that hold you back

Don’t let these sneaky questions undermine your confidence. If you think you’re not ready to create a course, or that you don’t know enough, or that no one will listen to you anyway, I’ve got some advice that’s going to set you straight.