It’s All About Me

Lots of people choose a word as their framework for the year to come. You may have even done it yourself.

Big, fat, meaningful words full of untapped potential and the promise of grand adventures are popular.




Then there are the words that seem to embody all that is wrong with us, to lay out our past failures for all the world to see.




Or what about the words meant to lift us up, to inspire us to be our very best at…well, something.




One of my words in the past was, in fact, Focus. It’s something I struggle with, and something I don’t think I’ll ever truly achieve. There are simply too many new and exciting things in the world, and that’s ok.

What’s Your Verb?

Last year, I heard Alex Mandossian speak about choosing not just a word, but a very specific type of word: a verb. Something you do, rather than simply dream of attaining.

It was just different enough to be intriguing, and it certainly got my circle of friends talking.

My word that year was Solve.

That is, after all, what I do. I solve problems.

That was a good word. It did help me clarify my goals and build a better business. But it’s still not quite there.

2015 is Different

This year, I’m going against the grain. I’m brushing aside all the feel-good words and take-action verbs in place of something real and tangible and desperately in need of some attention.

This year, my word is ME.

I was cleaning up this blog getting ready to start a new chapter here and I came across a post I wrote a couple of years ago about finding my why. My dream was to build a rescue for German Shepherds. It’s a cause that’s very near to my heart, and yet, two years later, I’ve made no progress.

Why? Because I’ve been too busy worrying about other people. Family. Friends. Clients. Everyone but ME.

I think you’ll agree that’s not a very healthy attitude.

So 2015 is all about me.

Practical Matters

What does all this self-centeredness mean? Well, it’s not as narcissistic as it sounds.

It simply means that every day, in every decision I make, my first consideration will be, “Which is the best choice for me?”

Should I have French fries or steamed broccoli with dinner?

“Which is the best choice for ME?”

Should I take on another client or spend that time learning better marketing techniques?

“Which is the best choice for ME?”

Should I continue on with a project I don’t love, or let it go so I can move on to something else?

“Which is the best choice for ME?”

Ironically–for as self-indulgent as this all sounds–the best choice for me is almost always the best choice for others, too.

My choice of steamed broccoli might seem insignificant to you, but to my husband (who presumably would like me to live a long and healthy life) it matters.

That client I passed on? She found a terrific VA to help her out, and that VA needed the work, so everyone, including ME, is happier that I turned it down.

And that project? It has a new home now with someone who will do great things with it, and my heart and mind are lighter now that it’s gone.

Being focused on me doesn’t mean less love or attention to my clients, my family, and my friends. It means the love and attention I give them is that much sweeter, because I’m a happier, healthier person.