Tiny Course Planning Workshop

There's magic in small courses

Everyone (yes, even you!) has valuable knowledge that others will pay for—and you don't have to spend months on course development to make that happen. 

In this live workshop, I'll demonstrate exactly how to map out your first—or your next—digital course. By the end of call, you'll have an outline you can work from to get your course completed and launched fast.

Hey, it's Cindy.

This is NOT just another fluff-filled "masterclass" with few action items and plenty of sales pitch. In this training, I'll show you the exact process I've used more than 50 times to design and launch profitable online courses, including...

  • How to pinpoint the problems you can solve for your ideal customer, even if you don't have an audience yet or don't know who your ideal customer really is.  
  • Why narrowing your focus will make your course even more appealing, and how to avoid "kitchen sink" syndrome in your training.  
  • Three simple tools I recommend that make outlining and organizing your course content easier. I'll demonstrate how to use them right on the call.  
  • How to turn your unique processes into a step-by-step digital training that serves your audience without costing you a year of your life in production time.

IMPORTANT: This really is a workshop, not just another webinar you can tune into with half an ear.  Come to the call with a notebook and pen, and be prepared to close your office door and turn off any distractions so you can get the most out of this live training. 

What Cindy's customers and clients say...

Regina Chenier

I was determined to create a niche-specific membership before the year-end and because of your tips, strategy, and content advice it's done!

HoustonVirtualAssistants.com is ready!

Trisha Fulton

For the first time of all the online marketers I have listened to, over the 10 years, Cindy was the best. This course provided me with exactly what I needed to learn. It was an excellent value and I'm very happy to recommend it. Thank you

Kat Sturtz

Cindy's programs = Best investments in resources and training I've made in a long while. [They] support my current focus to streamline, automate, and accelerate my marketing efforts.

Sue Dunlevie

I wasn't sure about signing up for Cindy's funnel course since I've been in business so long and thought I had a handle on funnels. BUT, I decided to join and 10 minutes into Module 1, I have 4 pages of action items/notes. GREAT course!!!

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