Streamline Your Marketing Processes With Easy-to-Implement, Rinse-and-Repeat Systems You Can Copy & Paste for Predictable Results

(No more staring at your computer and wondering, "What the heck can I do to drive traffic and make money today?")

Real marketing truth time...

Consistency Outperforms Brilliance Every Time

Here's what you really need to know about marketing your online business: Long-term, consistent effort will always produce better results than the next must-have tool or "secret" strategy.

The truth is, there's no magic pill in marketing. No one can promise to help you earn a million dollars even though you're starting from scratch. Nothing will revolutionize the world of Internet marketing or take you from unknown to stardom in 21 days. 

As the Operations and Project Manager for 6- and 7-figure coaches and product sellers, I've spent the past 7 years working full-time with dozens of online marketing tools, building hundreds of funnels, and writing thousands of pages of sales copy.

I've created the systems and processes that today earn millions of dollars annually for my clients, and I promise you, no one has access to a hidden stash of ninja tools you don't know about. 

So what's the secret? How are they killing it online while you're still working 12-hour days and feeling like you're just spinning your wheels? 

It's simple. They've paired the power of consistent action with repeatable systems, and that's where the magic really happens. 


6-Figure Systems:
Done-for-You Marketing Processes
for Constant Cash Flow

Imagine knowing exactly what to do every single day to grow your business...

If you've ever felt confused and overwhelmed by all the things you have to learn...

If you've ever sat down at your desk and faced a mile-long to-do list filled with random, unrelated tasks you *think* might make an impact on your bottom line...

If you've ever worked all day or week or month, with little to show for it in traffic, sales, or even brand awareness...

If you've ever wished you had a step-by-step plan that just laid it all out with HD clarity...

​​​Then 6-Figure Systems is the answer. With easy-to-implement, done-for-you marketing processes, you'll know at every turn exactly what's next on your to-do list.

No missing pieces that cost you money.

No half-completed plans that get half-baked results.

No marketing squirrels pulling your focus away from what's really important. 

Because I've done all the work for you already. All you have to do is plug and play.

Here's What You'll Receive Each and Every Month as a Member of 6-Figure Systems

A complete, done-for-you marketing process that not only makes it easy for you to copy, paste, and profit, but gives you the insight you need to know exactly what to do next to make massive progress on your business growth goals. 

With these done-for-you plans in place, you'll be earning consistent, predictable income simply by following the steps, and you'll never have to wonder if this month will be great or... not so good. 

Live training to dig deep into the whys and hows of your marketing process, so you'll not only have the tools to get it done, you'll have a clear understanding of how those tools work to increase your profits and reduce your workload. PLUS the opportunity to submit your questions for a personalized response. 

Comprehensive checklists detailing every step of the process, so nothing is left to chance, and you never have to worry if you've missed an important piece of the puzzle.

Putting these to work in your business will save you hours of time, not only because you'll know exactly what has to happen, but you won't be left spinning your wheels just because you don't know where to even begin. 

Fill-in-the-blank templates to make it even easier for you to create all those important marketing pieces (no more "I hate to write" excuses!). From landing pages to client-attracting sales pages, you'll always have a proven, copy & paste guide to follow. 

Pre-built, custom Trello boards with all the checklists, templates and instructions organized for you. All you have to do is copy into your own account for an instant project plan you can easily work from or outsource. 

Ongoing private Facebook group access to get all your questions answered as well as get support, good vibes, and plenty of cheering on from a community of entrepreneurs who share a common goal. 

But before you can put any of that to work in your business, you need a good foundation in place!

That's why every 6-Figure Systems member gets instant access to my signature training program, "The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels."

This 4-part video training will help you get crystal clear on how opt-in and sales funnels work, and how to ensure that every lead has a clear path to follow that takes them from awareness to interest to sale. 

Because when you get that part right, you'll be ready to build a profitable, scalable business that continues to grow. 

Here's what's included in The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels

  • Lesson 1: Discover Your Ultimate Funnel Goal. Unless you’re clear on where you want your subscribers to go and what you want them to do, your list-building efforts will be less profitable than they could be.
  • Lesson 2: Easy Opt-In Offers That Draw a Crowd. Create opt-in offers your audience will love, using content you already have. No ebooks to outline, no writers to hire, no webinars to record and edit.
  • Lesson 3: The Anatomy of an Opt-In. Eliminate all those frustrating technical bits that can feel so overwhelming by walking you through a basic funnel setup. Turn the included checklist over to your VA, and you'll never have to worry if your funnels are working properly again.
  • Lesson 4: Lead Your Audience to Your Goal With Well-Planned Follow-Ups. Add massive value to your funnels by going beyond the opt-in and thank you pages to leverage the power of automated messages. Put these in place once, and you'll continue to profit from them for years to come.

All that's left is to add those consistent 6-Figure Systems.


I'm taking this course because I want to build additional passive streams of income. Trading hours for dollars will only get you so far. I've spent a lot of money on Cindy's products and classes and I'll continue to do so because she's kinda' brilliant and I learn a ton every time. So, here's to all of us making 6-figures!!! 

Kim Smith


So excited to have these checklists!! I’ve been saying I’ll make them for two years and now I have ones better than I would have made. And the email templates are so juicy and make it so much easier to take action with getting these funnels done.

Angel Santos


Cindy's programs = Best investments in resources and training I've made in a long while. [They] support my current focus to streamline, automate, and accelerate my marketing efforts.

Kat Sturtz


I just listened to the  call from the other day and was blown away by all the great info.

Reba Collins

How can you know if 6-Figure Systems is for you?

I'll be the first to admit, 6-Figure Systems isn't for everyone.

If you've got a team of contractors who already manage all your marketing and you're earning a consistent income without having to think about it, then you may not benefit as much from being a member. 

But if, like so many successful small business owners, you know you could earn more and grow faster. If you'd love to add some passive income to your bottom line, and if you're tired of the "feast or famine" sales cycle, then I encourage you to join us.

Remember, consistent action produces consistent results, and knowing what to do is the first step. If you're ready to finally get off that income roller-coaster and put an end to the 16-hour days, then come join me. 

Pays for itself with just one sale!

Listen. At $37, this is quite seriously the very best investment you can make in your business today. 

Implementing just one small piece of any of the monthly plans can instantly cover the small monthly charge, making for a massive return on your investment. Who doesn't want that?

And let's not forget, if you wanted to purchase these marketing processes and training individually, it  would cost you hundreds of dollars every month...

Immediate access to all the checklists and templates so you can get started today.

Value - $97

Comprehensive video training + LIVE Q & A calls to get all your questions answered.

Value - $197

Meticulously detailed Trello board for instant, business-building procedures you can start using immediately.

Value - $197

Private, members only Facebook group for ongoing peer support.

Value - $197

BONUS: The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels. 

Your key to creating a rock-solid online business foundation that's profitable, scalable, and FUN (and without the 80-hour workweek!)

Value - $67

Lock in your access right now and get...

  • 2 members only live Q & A calls each month
  • Step-by-step, crystal-clear checklists detailing all the strategies you need for consistent, sustainable growth
  • Copy & paste templates to make it easy to implement every plan
  • Access to our private Facebook community for ongoing support and brainstorming
  • PLUS a brand new, done-for-you marketing process every month you're a member!
  • BONUS: The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels to help you make the most of every opt-in and sales funnel you create.

$37 per month

$333 per year
Get 3 Months FREE!


Cindy is my secret weapon to keep me sane and profitable and has been since 2007. She's a brilliant strategist who I can turn to to brainstorm with when I want my businesses to run faster, better, and smarter. 

Nicole Dean

Got questions? Of course you do!

How is this training delivered?

I'm just getting started online. Will this work for me?

What if I ​get confused or overwhelmed?

Is this only for beginners? 

How much time do I need to spend on this?

Do I have to spend a bunch of money on paid ads for this to work? 

I'll make you a promise...

Give me 7 days. If, after you've had time to log in and review the training, you don't feel 6-Figure Systems offers the value I've presented here, simply email me for a full refund. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings.

I'm that confident that this program is what you need to put your business growth on autopilot.

About your marketing coach

Cindy Bidar

I've spent the past 7 years working full time with dozens of online marketing tools, building hundreds of funnels, and writing thousands of pages of sales copy. Here's what I've learned: 

There is no magic wand that will grow your business. But there are proven strategies that--when combined with consistent action--can produce amazing results.

That's exactly what you'll find inside 6-Figure Systems. If you're tired of asking yourself, "Now what?" and you've had it with the random results you're getting, I hope you'll join me. 

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this training doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

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