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What happens when a brand new fan grabs that fabulous freebie you've created? Do you... 

  • Quickly build a solid relationship with her, so she actually looks forward to receiving your emails and instantly trusts all your product recommendations?
  • Easily close sales on the "back end" without having to promote offer after offer in broadcast emails?
  • Get your best offers in front of every new subscriber (or do you simply promote them once and then never again)?

Successful business owners know that the secret to building those long-term, profitable relationships is not in the funnel alone, but rather in the emails that follow. 

Too bad writing all of those emails is so stressful. Most people overthink it, or they don't know what to say or how to say it. And of course, there's actually finding the time to get it done.

What a pain.  

Whatever the reason for your empty autoresponders, Opt-In Funnel Follow-Ups That Build Relationships and Make Sales is the answer. 

These professionally written email templates give you...

Fill-in-the-blank options for easy customization to match your personality and offers, and turn new subscribers into lifelong fans.

3 proven subject line choices designed to encourage opens, drive engagement, and help improve the return on your email marketing investment.

Compelling calls to action so you can easily serve your subscribers, grow your community, and make more sales.

Get all 10 email templates...

  • The "Thank You for Downloading" Email: Show your appreciation for your new subscriber by offering your genuine thanks... and by sharing exactly what he or she needs next for even more success.  
  • The "Get to Know Me" Email: A little transparency and a personal story or two will go a long way toward building that oh-so-important "know, like, and trust" factor that encourages people to buy. This email makes it easy for you to share your story.
  • The "Grab This While You Still Can" Email: Limited-time offers reward action takers, and this email ensures they won't miss out. As a welcome email, it's a top performer that converts well. 
  • The "Consumption" EmailThe last thing you want is for your freebie to sit on a virtual shelf collecting digital dust. Encourage your subscribers to read and take action with this enticing email. 
  • The "Make an Offer" Email: It's really ok to send a straight-up sales email, but if you're feeling stuck or intimidated about that, this email template makes it easy to copy, paste, and profit.  
  • The "Tell Me About You" EmailWant to know exactly what your ideal client wants and needs most from you? Just ask. This email template offers up an easy format and provides a great option for making money on your survey, too.  
  • The "Free Resources" Email: Show some love for your subscribers while moving them one step closer to paying you when you share more free resources. Choose the best option for delivery (I've included two options with pros and cons for you) and just follow the email template for great results.  
  • The "Last Chance Reminder" Email: Great offers don't last forever, so take this opportunity to remind your subscribers that they're about to miss out. This email is compelling without being pushy, and is designed to get your subscribers off the fence and onto your "buyers" list. 
  • The "Downsell" Email: Just because they didn't take advantage of your offer doesn't mean they'll never buy. Use this email to offer a "downsell" product that may be a better fit.  

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Cindy is constantly looking for more ways that I can make more money with my business. Who doesn’t want somebody like that working with you?

David Perdew -

So much more than just done-for-you email templates

Unlike other fill-in-the-blank content, Opt-In Funnel Follow-Ups That Build Relationships and Make Sales doesn't leave you with just the content. I want all your freebies and funnels to be successful, so I'm including more than a dozen ideas for monetizing your free funnels, beyond promoting your own products and services. 

Your email funnels should do more than just keep your subscribers engaged. They need to earn their keep, too, and these strategies are the key. 

Plus, I'm including these money-making bonuses:

Bonus: Funnel Setup Checklist

Set your opt-in funnel up right the first time when you follow this 70-point checklist. Follow along to create higher converting opt-in pages, clear confirmation pages, and compelling thank you pages. Whether you're offering a simple resource guide or a comprehensive industry survey, this checklist will ensure every element is in place and doing its job. 

Bonus: List-Building Opportunities Checklist

Struggling to get eyes on your opt-in offers? This printable checklist will earn a permanent spot on your desktop with 31 ways you can share your opt-in offers every day

Bonus: 49 Ways to Make More Money

Smart entrepreneurs continually ask, "How can I make more money," and not just today, but every day. Here's 49 ideas to add to your entrepreneurial toolkit. 

JUST $40 $27




Cindy is my secret weapon to keep me sane and profitable and has been since 2007. She's a brilliant strategist who I can turn to to brainstorm with when I want my businesses to run faster, better, and smarter. 

Nicole Dean

Here's what you can do with these email templates

Each email template is delivered in PDF as well as Microsoft Word format for copy-and-paste ease. Simply replace the highlighted placeholder text to match your audience and offers, choose a subject line, and load up your autoresponder sequence. 

Use the emails as they are, in the order they appear, or mix them up to better fit your style and product selection.

How much more will you earn?

If you're still using a hit-or-miss email marketing plan, you're missing out.  

Imagine how much your income will increase when every new subscriber sees your very best offers. 

What will your affiliate checks look like when your entire mailing list receives those evergreen promotions, instead of just those on your list right now?

What will your life look like when you're earning passive income on autopilot, rather than having to hustle every day and constantly ask yourself, "What will I mail my list today?"

Opt-In Funnel Follow-Ups That Build Relationships and Make Sales is the easiest way to earn higher profits from your funnels without the stress and hassle of creating more content.  

Cindy Bidar

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If these templates don't live up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days, and I'll send you a full refund.

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