Turning Knowledge Into Quick Cash:
How to Create and Sell a Digital Product

Everyone (yes, even you!) has valuable knowledge that others will pay for—and you don't have to spend months on course development to make that happen. 

In this live training, I'm demystifying product creation, busting the myths that keep you stuck, and giving you a simple blueprint for transforming what you know into a new income stream.

Hey, it's Cindy.

This is NOT just another fluff-filled "masterclass" with few action items and plenty of sales pitch. In this training, I'll show you exactly what you need to know to start creating digital products that sell, including...

  • What really goes into a hot-selling digital product. I'll help you strip away 90% of what you think is required, so you can quickly transform your existing skills and knowledge into real online income. 
  • 3 in-demand digital product niches perfect for new and experienced sellers alike. And here's a hint—none of them are about making money! 
  • How to simplify product design and delivery and eliminate the tech headaches... even if you don't have a website, an email list, or a clue how to build them.  
  • Why all of the "must do" strategies for creating and selling digital products only add to your anxiety—and what to do about it right now so you can start earning money instead of staying stuck. 
  • Why everything you've been told about pricing is wrong—and how one simple shift virtually eliminates the overwhelm every new product creator feels.   

What Cindy's customers and clients say...

Regina Chenier

I was determined to create a niche-specific membership before the year-end and because of your tips, strategy, and content advice it's done!

HoustonVirtualAssistants.com is ready!

David Perdew

Cindy is constantly looking for more ways that I can make more money with my business. Who doesn’t want somebody like that working with you?

Kat Sturtz

Cindy's programs = Best investments in resources and training I've made in a long while. [They] support my current focus to streamline, automate, and accelerate my marketing efforts.

Sue Dunlevie

I wasn't sure about signing up for Cindy's funnel course since I've been in business so long and thought I had a handle on funnels. BUT, I decided to join and 10 minutes into Module 1, I have 4 pages of action items/notes. GREAT course!!!

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