Take the mystery out of funnels with an

Easy, customizable Blueprint

That Makes the Most of your List-Building efforts so you can make more money & serve Your Community better

Even if you're just getting started with list building, you don't know a landing page from a blog post, and you're not quite sure what a funnel even is... or if you have one.

So you've decided it's time to get serious about this list-building thing; you're starting to see a handful of new names on your list, and that subscriber number is moving steadily in the right direction. 

Good for you! You've made the right choice to focus on list-building as a strategy for long-term growth and higher income, and here's why:

Email Marketing Is Still The Most Reliably Profitable Activity For Small Businesses

Despite the lure of social media and the hype about paid advertising, smart entrepreneurs know that the money is still in the list.

That puts you solidly ahead of the learning curve, so kudos to you for taking steps to:

  • Fill your email list with ideal clients who are eager to pay you for your expertise.
  • Help your site visitors get the most out of what you have to offer and working to develop a long-term relationship that will serve you both well. 
  • Send relevant information and offers to your growing subscriber base, so you can establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

Wait. You ARE doing those things, right? 

Because adding hundreds or thousands of names to your email list is great, but without a solid funnel in place, what you end up with is a just a disorganized crowd. They're not sure where they're going (or how to get there), they don't know how you can help them, and they don't know how (or why) to pay you.

Let's be honest. We're all in business to make money, so if that growing email list isn't earning its keep, you may be left scratching your head and thinking... 

"So now what?"

I'll let you in on a secret. Successful, profitable business owners know that the key to maximizing their list-building efforts is to ensure that every lead has a clear path to follow that takes them from awareness to interest to sale. 

When you get that part right, your email list practically manages itself, with very little input (or work) on your part. 

That's the power of a funnel. 

Funnels keep your subscribers engaged and eager to hear from you week after week and month after month (and you don't have to worry you'll run of things to say).

Funnels allow you to make strategic, proactive, and irresistible offers at just the right time in your subscriber's journey (instead of random "buy me" emails that don't produce sales).

Funnels put more money in your pocket every day without adding more to-dos to your already overwhelming task list (so you can finally take a day or two off without hurting your income).

Already feeling overwhelmed? I get it. 

Ask anyone in business and they'll tell you "the money is in the list," but no one is clear on exactly what you need to do to make your list profitable. 

Email them? Sure, but what, exactly? 

Create more offers? Of course. But which offers will your list respond to?

I've spent the last 8 years working behind the scenes in 6- and 7-figure businesses, and I've learned what it really takes to turn all those contacts into a sustainable, profitable business, and I can tell you one thing: 

There's more to making money from your mailing list than simply collecting lots of email addresses.

A lot more. 

Introducing a 4-Part Video Training with Printable checklists, worksheets, and transcripts that make it easy to create Engaging, profitable funnels that convert Browsers into buyers

This step-by-step video training program takes you by the hand to clearly explain what funnels are, how they work, and how you can create a profitable funnel quickly and easily, using the tools you already have. 

Because I want you to finally shed that overwhelmed, overworked entrepreneurial hat you've been wearing for so long,  each lesson includes: 

  • Step-by-Step Video Training. I'll explain the funnel-building and profit-earning strategies it's taken me 8 years to learn (and I'll do it all with easy-to-understand language and examples that make sense). 
  • Checklists that detail every important step along the way, so you can easily follow the steps for your own funnels.
  • Worksheets to help you plan those oh-so-important follow-up sequences (because a funnel is more than just an opt-in and a thank-you page). 
  • Written transcripts so you can quickly find just the right information when you need it (without having to watch an entire training video).

"I think funnels are finally starting to make sense inside my head!" 

Loretta Oliver TranscriptionCrashCourse.com

Let's recap what's included:

The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Funnels provides everything you need to finally start using funnels to increase your profits without adding to your work load. You'll receive...

Actionable video training you can put to work in your business immediately (or even hand off to a trusted assistant for implementation).

Printable checklists to help systematize your funnels for better performance, faster implementation, and higher profits.

Worksheets and templates to help you create compelling opt-in pages, profitable thank you pages, and engaging email sequences that do all the work for you.

All that's left to do is add traffic!

And I've got you covered there, too!

I've talked some of my super smart friends into sharing their best traffic tips as a special bonus to you, so once your funnels are open for business, you won't be left wondering, "Now what?"

Just $67 Today

Got questions? Of course you do!

How is this training delivered?

Is this only for advanced users?

Do I need to use ClickFunnels/LeadPages/any other special software? 

What would it mean to your business if...

  • You could actually double your list in the next year and more importantly, make money with it?
  • You were able to stop trying to puzzle your way through creating profitable funnels?
  • You never had to wake up wondering "What can I mail today to make some money?"
  • Your products and programs made consistent sales, even when you weren't actively promoting them (and even when you're unplugged in Europe for a week)?

I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like a pretty sweet deal. And that's exactly what The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels can do for you.

Just $67 Today

I'll make you a promise...

Give 7 days. If, after you've had time to log in and review the training, you don't feel The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Funnels offers the value I've presented here, simply email me for a full refund. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings.

I'm that confident that this program is what you need to finally understand and use funnels in your marketing plan. 

About your funnel coach

Cindy Bidar

As the Operations and Project Manager for 6- and 7-figure coaches and product sellers, I've spent the past 7 years working full time with dozens of online marketing tools, building hundreds of funnels, and writing thousands of pages of sales copy.

I've created the systems and processes that today earn millions of dollars annually for my clients, and in The Digital Marketer's Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels, I'm sharing those same strategies with you. 

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this training doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at helper@cindybidar.com within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

Just $67 Today

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