You can't change the world if your business isn't profitable.

Here's how to make it easy...

Let's be honest for a minute. There are many reasons you may have started your business...

  • You have a heart for your ideal audience and love nothing more than to serve them. 
  • You're passionate about your industry and want to spend all your time learning and improving. 
  • You had to give up your soul-sucking day job before it could drain the life from you. 

But there's something few people ever talk about: Passion and heart (and even boredom) can't create a sustainable business. 

Money does. 

If your business isn't making money, you can't serve that audience you love so much. If your business isn't making money, you won't have the freedom to spend hours on it, no matter how passionate you are. And if your business isn't making money, there's a good chance you'll find yourself right back in another dream-killing day job.  

So can we stop pretending we aren't in it for the money?

Small business owners like you and me have a conundrum. We need the money, but it feels icky to actually say it, so instead we say, "I'm not really in it for the money," or "I don't need a lot - I just want to earn enough to pay the bills."

That last one was my personal mantra the first couple of years in business, and let me tell you, it held me back. 

It prevented me from charging what I was worth. It kept me "playing small," as they say. 

Then I heard Ray Edwards say something that changed my attitude: 

"The best way to help those in need is to not be one of them." 

Of course, it's not quite that easy, is it?

Just saying you want to earn more is a good start, but it won't actually move the goalpost at all. For that, you need a plan.

You need to know...

  • What's the best use of your limited time? On any given day, your attention might be pulled in 1,000 different directions. How can you know what's really going to result in more profits, and what's just another waste of time? 
  • How to leverage your assets for higher profits over time. The key to long-term business success lies not in doing more, but in earning more from what you've already done. 
  • How to reduce your liabilities and increase your assets. Running a business is a continual balancing act of income and expenses, and anything you do to tip the scale over to the profits side has the potential for long-term impact. 

Listen, none of those things are earth-shattering revelations. As a savvy business owner, you likely already know the importance of working once and getting paid multiple times, the difference between profit centers and liabilities, and maybe even what's working to bring in money today. 

Where it all falls apart though, is in taking consistent action. 

The Money Makers Bundle Is The Answer

I've bundled together my very best action-oriented training to help you kick your profits into high gear. With these four courses and toolkits, you'll:

  • Discover where you're missing out (yep, leaving money on the table is a real thing and it's eating into your profits every single day).
  • Create a daily action plan that gets results (consistency really is the key to bigger success in all things, and that includes reaching your income goals).
  • Turn up the dial on the things that are already working for you (once you see how easy this can be, you'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner).
  • Transform your free offers into money-makers that pay for themselves again and again (and that fill your email list with buyers instead of freebie seekers).

Limited Time Offer
$178 $47

What if I told you you're just one tiny tweak away from increasing your income? That's what leverage is all about, and A License to Print Money makes it easy!

When you know where to look for the clues, you can know right down to the dollar how much you'll earn this month and next month and the month after that.

And once you understand how those clues work, you can change them. Funding your next vacation or buying a new car or investing in a new home can be as easy as changing a sales page headline or moving a call-to-action button to a better location. From there, it's easy to rinse and repeat for infinite scale and sustainable success.

All you need to know to get started is what the numbers mean, and that's what you'll learn in A License to Print Money, with...

  • 4 multi-media lessons transform complex and sometimes overwhelming data into easy-to-understand metrics every online business owner can use to dramatically increase their income!
  • 5 custom trackers and income predictors give you the tools you need to finally leverage your existing assets into a bigger paycheck month after month and year after year!
  • 5 printable worksheets and checklists help you clarify your goals, find the money to achieve them, and make the easy changes that will get you there! 
  • A fully configured Trello board to help you organize your tracking project and stay on task--all in less than 5 minutes per day!
  • Access to ME to get all your questions answered. Just post them in the comments section of any lesson and I'll be there to help you out!

($67.00 value)

As small business owners, we're Busy with a capital B, am I right? The question is, how much of that business results in real cash in your pocket, and how much of it is not as profitable as it could be?

Rather than getting caught up in the busy work and urgent (or not) tasks that can easily take over your days, The Daily Money Makers Toolkit makes it easy for you to prioritize the work that pays the bills.

It features ideas for bringing in quick cash (Now Money) as well as seeds you can plant that will grow into predictable sales down the road (Later Money).

Each Daily Money Maker task includes...

  • Time and resource requirements: You can easily design a schedule that works for you because you’ll know exactly what you can get done in the time available. Not only that, but if you’re outsourcing, you can accurately predict how long it will take your team to complete the project.
  • Potential return on your time investment: All money makers are not equally profitable, so I’ve included an estimated earnings for each task to help you prioritize based on your current goals.
  • Tips and ideas for completion, best practices, and more: Each task is unique, so I’ve included plenty of details to help you make the most of your time and effort.

($37.00 value)

Uncovering Hidden Cash is all about finding those spots you can easily polish up with just a little tweak or two. It's not about spending weeks creating a new course or redesigning your membership site or mapping out a year-long marketing plan.

Instead, we're going to focus on a few cash-creating action items covering every aspect of your business. I've left no stone unturned in this comprehensive checklist and template collection, including...

  • The Blog Post Cash Checklist with 13 ideas for boosting your blog profits. 
  • The Facebook Cash Checklist featuring 13 ways to put the marketing back in your social media plans.
  • The Free Offer Cash Checklist where you'll find 13 ideas for profiting from freebies.
  • The Help Desk Cash Checklist with 7 ways to serve your customers and make money, too. 
  • The Email Cash Checklist with 8 ideas for earning more from every email you send. 
  • The Paid Product Cash Checklist includes clever tips for making offers inside your paid products. 
  • The Sales Page Cash Checklist features 18 ways smart marketers take their sales pages from so-so to spectacular.
  • The Shopping Cart Cash Checklist helps you earn more from every sale with a 14-point checklist.
  • The Website Cash Checklist helps you polish up your most important pages. 
  • The Affiliate Marketing Cash Checklist gives you 8 ideas to serve better, improve efficiency, and earn more.
  • The Multiple Income Streams Checklist offers tips to generate alternate cash flows and keep your budget out of the danger zone.
  • The Cash Blockers Checklist is a list of 8 common cash-blocking errors (and their easy solutions).

($37.00 value)

Smart business owners know the profit potential of an engaged email list, but did you know that all those free offers and nurture sequences might be doing you (and your subscribers) a disservice? 

The thing is, those first few moments after a new subscriber joins your list are when they are most engaged. It’s critical that you make the best use of their attention by presenting the next right step for them, right when they’re most likely to consider it. 

But not just any offer will do. If you want your tripwire to be truly irresistible, you must have a plan of action.

Inside the Tripwire Toolkit, I’m going to show you exactly how to create and sell your own low-cost, irresistible tripwire offer to convert new subscribers to customers in minutes. 

You'll get...

  • The Tripwire User Flow Cheat Sheet: If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed about how all the pieces of a tripwire fit together, you are not alone. The User Flow Cheat Sheet will clarify the set up and help you map out your own irresistible offers.
  • The Tools to Use Comparison Guide: Not sure which tools you really need, and which ones you can live without? This comparison guide will clarify all the options and help you choose the right ones for you and your business—plus you’ll avoid spending money on fancy software solutions you don’t need.
  • The Tripwire Ideas Checklist: Feeling less-than-creative? Browse through this list of 12 easy tripwires you can create in just a couple of hours (and there are at least 3 you probably already have on hand!)
  • The Tripwire Offer Worksheet: Spend a few minutes with this worksheet and get crystal clear on how you can easily incorporate tripwires into your marketing plan.
  • Plus 10 additional checklists, cheat sheets, and worksheets to help you plan, create, and promote your tripwires, and make building a list of buyers easy!

($37.00 value)

Limited Time Offer
$178 $47

What customers say about my courses...

The trello boards, template ideas and worksheets were extremely helpful. Plus being able to download the transcripts so you can print and refer to them later as you're doing the work makes a huge difference. I feel like I'm definitely ready to get going on building my tiny course empire for 2021.

Pam Hamilton

OMG I have never seen such organized fabulous content in my life and I have taken program after program for quite a few years, detouring here and there…

It seems from the outset that all I will need is YOU. I have a corporate background in evaluating training materials and THIS is so beautifully organized and clear. I love it already, really.

Susan Rose

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If the Money Makers Bundle doesn't help boost your profits in any way, simply email me for a prompt, courteous refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just getting started. How can the Money Makers Bundle help me?

Together, these four courses will help you create a foundation upon which your future success will be built. You'll be able to quickly skip past the "lean years" that so many new business owners face. 

I'm an advanced marketer earning a good living. Is there anything here for me?

The gold nuggets for more advanced entrepreneurs are the systemization. I'll help make every aspect of your business more profitable, and even give you the step-by-step plans you can hand off to the team if you have one.

I already bought _______________. Can I substitute one of the courses in this bundle for something else? 

Because of the low price, we're not allowing any substitutions. But even if you already own two out of the four, this bundle is still a savings of nearly 50% on the other two. 

Will this work for [fill in your business model here]?

If your business has an online presence, these courses will work for you. 

What if I get stuck?

In every one of my courses, I encourage questions so you'll never be left wondering what to do next. You can ask right on the page and I'll pop back in with my answer.

Is this PLR content I can resell? 

No. All of the courses on and are for personal use only. You may not rebrand or resell them in any way. 

Limited Time Offer
$178 $47

About Your Marketing Coach 

Cindy Bidar

Since 2011, I've been working behind the scenes with online marketers, coaches, bloggers, and product sellers. I've seen - and experienced first hand - the struggles they go through when it comes to creating a sustainable, profitable business. 

The Money Makers Bundle gives you the strategies and tools you need to create consistent profits in your business, without the overwhelm or confusion—even if you've tried before and gave up in frustration.

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If The Money Makers Bundle doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

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