How to Plan, Create, and Launch Your Digital Product

In a Weekend!

Even if you don't have a shopping cart, an email list, or a clue where to start!

In the online marketing space, we are surrounded by massive product launches, and frankly, they're pretty intimidating if we let them set the success bar for our business. 

As I write this, my inbox is already flooded with emails about the annual multi-million-dollar B-School launch campaign. 

Before that, it was a $2,000 course about creating courses. And before that, it was a costly training all about membership sites. 

While the money those big launches earn might be enviable, what's not so fun is the incredible amount of work they require. 

Some product creators spend months (or even years) planning and researching before releasing a new product. And when they finally do hit the go button, they drive themselves to the brink of exhaustion from "cart open" to "cart close" with back-to-back webinars, interviews, email campaigns, Facebook lives, and more. 

The whole thing is pretty overwhelming if you ask me. In fact, I call BS on the entire process. 

Here's why: 

What if you follow their lead and devote several months of your precious time to create a new product, only to find it doesn't take off as you hoped? With weeks and weeks of time invested, will you then have to work harder to try to gain some traction? Will you scrap it all and start over? 

What a frustrating waste of time (and money) that would be. 

I've got a better idea.

The Stress-Free Little Launch Formula That
Earns Big Bucks

Smaller product launches are far less risky and way more fun. I don't know about you, but I didn't start this business so I could work harder. I started it because I didn't have any freedom. 

Small products with small launches can give you that freedom, too. 

Not only that, but they give you the opportunity to pivot in real-time to meet the needs of your audience. Plus, they help create the foundation you need to then go on and develop bigger, more in-depth courses and products if your community will benefit. 

Why create unnecessary pressure for yourself, or risk overwhelming your buyers with a too-large product they can't possibly use?

Instead, discover how you can earn big paychecks with small product launches when you order...

Lightning Fast Launches:

Create and Launch a Digital Product in a Weekend

Lightning Fast Launches is Available Exclusively to Six-Figure Systems Members

This step-by-step course is going to take you from no idea to launch in record time. You'll use my easy process to discover exactly what your buyers want, design a product that delivers on its promise (this is key!), and even write the sales page and marketing materials... all in one short weekend. 

Think it can't be done? Think again. Here's what's included...

Lesson 1:

Choose Your Topics And Outline Your Product 

Here's a secret that the most successful product creators know: When you choose the right topic, developing a new product becomes almost effortless. If you've struggled with product creation before, then my simple plan to find the sweet (and profitable) intersection of what you love and what your community struggles with is the answer your need. 

In lesson one, I'll share with you the exact strategy I use to keep an ever-evolving and growing list of product ideas, all based on what my ideal customer most wants and needs right now. I'll give you the templates I use to uncover those ideas and the decision matrix that will help you figure out the very best format for your product as well.

You'll discover:

  • An easy 5-step process to go from no plan to a fully developed digital product outline your customers will eagerly snap up!
  • A fill-in-the-blank template to get right to the heart of what your customers most want and need from you (no more guesswork or worse--simply hoping you're on the right track!)
  • A dead-simple strategy for ensuring your product hits the mark every single time (and an example Trello board to show you exactly how the process works).

At the end of lesson one, you'll be ready to create your new product, and it won't take more than a few hours from start to finish!

Lesson 2: 

Product Creation & Launch Systems

Everything is easier when you have a proven system to follow, and that's what Lesson 4 is all about. To help you stay organized and on target to complete your product, I'm including a done-for-you Trello board you can simply copy into your account. 

It's the identical Kanban-style board I use with my clients and for my own product development, and it helps ensure that all the moving parts are complete and connected before you launch.

You'll learn... 

  • The copy-and-paste plan I've been using with my own products (and my clients) for years... get this right, and you'll completely eliminate the stress and overwhelm of new product creation. (You might even discover you LOVE it!)
  • How to manage all the steps using a done-for-you Trello board you can customize and even share with your team for easy project planning now and for all your future products, too!
  • How to instantly know what's working (and what's not) so you can pivot fast and make improvements that pay off even faster. This is the secret sauce that makes small launches so incredibly profitable, so don't skip this critical step!

Lesson 3: 

Your Product Sales Foundation

Selling a digital product isn't complicated once you realize that you really only need four simple systems to get up and running. In this lesson, I'll walk you through all the requirements (you probably already have 95% of what you need to get started) plus help you avoid spending extra cash where it's not needed. 

I'll share exactly what you need to know to create a digital product in any format (without overthinking or over-complicating it), my recommendations for free and low-cost equipment and software anyone can use, as well as pitfalls to watch for along the way, all in one easy-to-follow checklist. 

Lesson 4: 

Create Your Sales Page And Marketing Materials

What makes a compelling sales page that gets results? I'll walk you through an easy sales page formula that will have your customers racing to click the buy button. We'll cover everything from:

  • How to write an attention-grabbing headline (this is inarguably THE most important piece of any sales page, so don't skip this part!)
  • The critical difference between features and benefits (and why almost everyone screws this up... but you won't!)
  • The simple two-word question smart copywriters ask that instantly turns so-so sales pages into profitable copy. Once you know the secret, you'll never write another boring sales page again
  • An easy-to-understand sales funnel map even a brand new business owner can follow. If you've been putting off your product launch because you're nervous about the funnel, this will make it all make sense (finally)!

Of course, your sales page can't do its job if no one knows it's there. That's what your marketing plan is all about. I'll share my personal launch checklist that outlines more than two dozen easy marketing assets to bring in traffic... and yes! They work in EVERY niche!

Not only that, but I'll give you my fill-in-the-blank email launch templates (all five of them) so you can easily create an email campaign that entices your subscribers to buy.

Bonus Video

Quick & Easy PayPal Checkout

No shopping cart and no way to deliver a digital product? No problem!

In this video, I'll demonstrate how you can set everything up using nothing but a PayPal account and a hidden page on your website. There's no need to stress over the tech when product delivery is this easy and fast!

Discover how easy it can be, including:

  • Why you should never use PayPal's built-in button (and what to use instead to make it much easier on yourself). 
  • The "hidden" PayPal setting that eliminates the need to set up a membership platform or other product delivery tool.
  • How to easily protect your downloadable files from accidental discovery by non-buyers.

Here's a recap of everything that's included inside
Lightning Fast Launches

  • 50+ minutes of in-depth video and audio training to take you from no idea to launch with a brand new digital product, even if you have no idea where to begin.
  • Downloadable audio + transcripts of the main training so you can listen on the go and easily review the big takeaways or add your own notes.
  • Printable worksheets and checklists so you can easily navigate each step along the way without becoming confused or overwhelmed.
  • Example product development Trello board to demonstrate how a sample product is organized and laid out.
  • Done-for-you product creation board you can copy into your own Trello account. Simply follow along with the proven process and you'll never have to worry about missing an important step along the way.
  • A continual improvement cheat sheet to help you make fast changes that increase your conversions and profits in real-time.

Lightning Fast Launches is Available Exclusively to Six-Figure Systems Members

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Lightning Fast Launches doesn't in any way help you to create and launch a digital product, simply email me for a prompt, courteous refund. 

Imagine what it will mean for your business (and your bottom line) when you stop struggling to create new products and instead increase the speed of every launch. 

Rather than spending weeks (or months!) planning, researching, writing, editing, re-writing, and second-guessing yourself, why not set aside a few hours this weekend and finally launch that product? 

You can't sell what doesn't exist yet, so stop struggling and let's get it done. 

I promise it's possible when you have a proven process to follow. I'll show you how.

About Your Marketing Coach

Cindy Bidar

Hi, Cindy here. I've spent the past 11 years working with clients big and small--from those just getting started to those making multiple 7-figures annually, and my most successful clients all have two things in common:

They take action fast, and they follow a systematic, repeatable, step-by-step process. 

Lightning Fast Launches is your guide to launching your next product like a pro. 

P.S. You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this product doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

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