Yes, You CAN Get Better Engagement, Reconnect With Inactive Subscribers, and Automate Your Mailing List Clean-Up Tasks

With easy-to-follow training to dispel some common myths, done-for-you email templates, and a clever hack to put it all on autopilot.

Can I ask you a personal question? 

What's your email open rate right now? 16% 18%? Maybe less?

Maybe you don't even know. 

Whatever it is, the fact is that a large majority of your email list subscribers rarely, if ever, open your email.

And maybe that's ok when you're just starting out and every subscriber is a brand new friend you're excited to have join the party. After a while though, those inactive subscribers can start to take a real toll on your business.

  • They cost you money in higher fees for your email system. Why would you want to pay for 10,000 subscribers if only 1,500 people ever actually open your email?
  • They bring down your overall engagement rate, which may cause service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo and others to consider you somewhat less-than-scrupulous, and consequently drop your emails right into the spam box.
  • They lower your "quality score" with your email service provider, which can in turn negatively affect your deliverability, which reduces your open rate, which... well, you get the picture. It's a vicious cycle that can be difficult to escape.

You've probably taken a reactive approach to this problem in the past. Most email marketers at some point spend a few hours with something we like to call...

List Hygiene. Yuck.

Even the name for this mundane, demoralizing chore is ugly.

If you've ever logged into your email service provider and searched for anyone who hasn't opened an email in the last 60 days, and then just... unsubscribed them? You know what I'm talking about here.

Yet that's exactly what everyone says we're supposed to be doing. The big email providers such as AWeber and Constant Contact and ConvertKit even have workflows and instructions to make this easy!

And in the short term, sure. Maybe it works.

But if you're left with a nagging feeling that you've deleted people who love your content and really want to stay in touch but have just been busy, then it's time to look for a better option. Not to mention how seeing your subscriber count drop by several thousand names can make you feel.

Yes, you know in your head that it's ok. They weren't opening or responding anyway, so no big loss, right? But should that really be your first strategy?

Maybe there's a better way...

Win Back Your Audience: 

How to Boost Your Open Rates, Engage Your  Subscribers, and Better Automate  Your Email List Management

With a powerful combo of a subscriber engagement guide plus copy-and-paste email templates, you'll have everything you need to improve your open rates, increase conversions, and grow a strong community of devoted fans.

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Here's what's included:

The Win Back Your Audience Getting Started Guide

Better engagement begins at the moment a new subscriber opts in to your mailing list.

In fact, there are five powerful strategies you can use to ensure better open rates and click throughs right from the start, and I cover them all in depth in this guide, including...

  • The all-too-common practice that actually teaches brand new subscribers not to open your email (and what to do instead). 
  • A simple strategy to get your email out of the dreaded "promotions" tab and into the primary inbox every time.
  • How to steal a trick from your favorite TV shows to keep your open and engagement rates high.
  • What it really means when subscribers aren't opening your emails (hint: this is not as straightforward as it seems).
  • Two easy ways to find out exactly what your subscribers want and need from you, including one strategy that's so simple, you can put it together in 5 minutes or less.
  • The email marketing ninja move you can use to get the attention of subscribers who haven't opened an email in weeks or even months.

Get these pieces in place, and it's easy to see that your engagement will go up and conversions will automatically improve.

The Win Back Your Audience Email Templates

These email templates complete with subject line ideas are designed to capture the attention of distracted subscribers and get them to re-engage with you. Set them up in an automation (see the BONUS guide for complete instructions) or use them in your swipe files to pull out as needed. 

Here's what's included:

  • The "5-minute survey" template: Entice your subscribers to tell you exactly what they want to hear from you with this email template.
  • The "One-click survey" template: No time for form filling? How about a single click? This email gives readers a chance to share their thoughts quickly, and can give you valuable insight into your audience's preferences as well as giving you a powerful segmentation tool you can use to deliver the exact right offer at the right time.
  • The "Here's what you're missing" template: We're all distracted, and that goes for your email subscribers as well. Give them a recap of what they've been missing and they'll be more likely to open future emails.
  • The "We want you back" template: You have the resources your audience needs to succeed. Use this email template to send a killer freebie, and get them back on your engaged list quickly.
  • The "Free gift for you" template: Use this email template together with the email marketing ninja tactic from the getting started guide and bring back distracted subscribers before they're gone for good. 
  • The subscriber survey template: Stop relying on your "gut feelings," and find out what your audience really wants and needs with a simple survey you can set up in minutes using free tools.

The Win Back Your Audience Automation Guide

I'll also share with you a simple automation workflow you can install in your email system in minutes that will forever put an end to those manual "list cleaning" chores. Set up this clever system one time, and it will continue to work for you in the background day after day, keeping your email list responsive and your conversion rates high. 

You'll discover:

  • How to use tags and goals to know exactly which subscribers are fully engaged, and who is beginning to lose interest.
  • How to automate removing inactive subscribers so you never have to do a manual list purge again.
  • One clever strategy that can get your emails back in the inbox when nothing else has worked.

There's no need to wait another day to start boosting your engagement rates... not when it's this easy to automate. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If these checklists and templates don't make your next launch easier in any way, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund.

Remember: If You Always Do What You've Always Done...

You know what you get right? 

Well, maybe it's time to stop reacting to low subscriber engagement rates with regular list purging (another ewww) and instead get proactive so you can build a better, more responsive list right from the start.

Win Back Your Audience will give you the tools and strategies to do exactly that, plus I'll show you how to re-engage with subscribers you thought were gone for good, so when it does come to saying goodbye, you can do it with a smile, knowing you've served them well.

About Your Marketing Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've spent the past 11 years working full time with dozens of 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs, and these are the exact same strategies and systems they use to maximize conversions, boost engagement, and better manage their own email lists. 

Whether you're just getting started or your list is well established, putting these strategies to work for you will improve your results and let you manage it all with ease. 

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this product doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

Win Back Your Audience:

How to Boost Your Open Rates, Engage Your Subscribers, and Better Automate Your Email List Management

Available today for just...


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