How to Turn Bite-Size Courses Into King-Size Profits

Without feeling overwhelmed, running expensive marketing campaigns, or working 60-hour weeks.

There’s a myth out there that if you want to be successful selling online courses, you have to go big.

We’ve all seen the fanfare and excitement that goes along with launching a $2,000 course. It’s all very polished and sexy, so it must be profitable, right?

After all, big course + big launch = big profits.

The sad truth is, for every course launch success, there are dozens—maybe even hundreds—of course creators who don’t earn five figures in a weekend, and many, many more who don’t even recoup the cost of their launch.

Imagine that.

You put weeks or months or even years into creating a course that’s going to change the world, and you don’t even sell enough to cover your production costs.

That’s the reality in today’s competitive online course world. If you’re not a brand name, it’s tough to get the kind of results some coaches promise.

But what if I told you that you can throw away…

  • The exhausting webinar circuit.
  • The costly video launch formula.
  • The unbelievably expensive ad campaign.
  • The “cart open” frenzy.

All without sacrificing your profit potential?

And what’s more, what if I told you that your customers will thank you for it?

Tiny Courses Are More Popular Than Ever

Here’s another hard truth about those flashy, signature courses:

As few as 15% of buyers actually complete the courses they buy—and it has little to do with the product itself.

Why? We’re busy. We’re distracted. We get bored. We change our minds. We promise ourselves we’ll get to it “later.”

We all have dozens of reasons, but the bottom line is, committing to studying a big course is just that—it’s a commitment. Once all the excitement and the launch parties are over, we quickly find out that watching hours of video content isn’t quite as compelling as we thought.

But when you offer your customers bite-size solutions to their most pressing problems—solutions they can put to work in a day or two rather than six months from now—they’ll eagerly snap that up.

Even better, they’re much more likely to finish a tiny course, which makes them even that more willing to buy from you again and again.

And that’s exactly what will happen as you…

Create Your Catalog of Tiny Courses

I know what you’re probably thinking.

“Come on! I struggle to get one product created and out the door, and you want me to build an entire catalog? What gives?”

If you’re thinking you’re going to be slaving away at your computer for hours every day instead of enjoying the time freedom online business ownership promises, then let me give you a little reality check.

Here’s the truth: As a prolific tiny course creator, I spend about 3 hours each day creating content—and that includes all content. Emails, courses, marketing materials, blog posts, guest posts, everything.

And I’m creating a new course every single month, and emailing my list a minimum of five days per week.

I can do that because I’ve created the processes that allow for easy product development and creation. I’ve systemized everything from topic brainstorming to content writing to promotion, so I can simply rinse and repeat month after month and year after year, and here’s why:

Consistent Product Creation Drives Consistent Business Growth

In the past three years, my monthly sales have increased nearly tenfold, while my workload has actually decreased!

Why? Two reasons:

As I continue to refine my systems, my workflow becomes more efficient. In other words, I get more done in less time, and my profits increase.

More importantly though, my ever-growing collection of tiny courses has turned into a vast catalog of offers that I can leverage nearly endlessly. That means…

  • I can take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with others and grow my mailing list.
  • I never have to wonder if I’m going to meet my sales goals for the week or the month.
  • I can quickly build new offers or funnels without having to create new products.
  • I have thousands of pages of content I can repurpose into signature speeches, books, webinars, and a host of other brand- and business-building tools.

When I was just starting out online, so many opportunities like this passed me by because I didn’t have the ready resources to take advantage. Now it takes only minutes to create new funnels, participate in a list-building event, or whip up a quick special offer.

It all started with a tiny course, and it’s this exact strategy that I’m teaching you inside Tiny Course Empire.

This course was very timely. I have a ton of content and have committed to launching Visions Academy my on demand learning platform. This course gave me the structure I need to plan and implement the back end.
I love how easily digestible the content is and the straightforward checklists and templates provided.

More than worth the price of entry to get me into creation mode. Thank you!

Nicole Chamblin

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How to Build Your Tiny Course Empire

Lesson 1: 

Tiny Courses Rule the Internet

Big courses and six-figure launches might win awards for hype and excitement, but it’s tiny courses that really run the show. These low-key, easy-to-create digital products are the workhorses of online business, and in this lesson, we’ll cover…

  • 4 reasons why tiny courses should be a top choice when building your empire (including an easy fix for the number one complaint among digital product sellers).
  • One big myth that leads would-be product creators down a dark path leading to almost certain failure. New business owners can’t afford to make this mistake, so don’t fall for it!
  • Real life examples of tiny courses and other digital products that earn big bucks for their creators—and no, they’re not all business related niches or even courses at all!

Lesson 2: 

Your Bottomless Well of Topic Ideas

The key to success with the Tiny Course Empire system is to create multiple offers over time. But don’t worry, lesson two has you covered with…

  • 7 places to uncover what your audience really needs and wants so you’ll never have to worry about becoming a one-hit wonder.
  • Easy ways to craft a mouth-watering course title (even if you think you’re not creative).
  • The critical difference between what people say they want, and what they'll actually buy—and how to know the truth.

I promise, once you start uncovering all the opportunities out there, your biggest struggle will be deciding what to create next when they’re all so appealing to you!

Lesson 3:

How to Create Quick Wins (and Returning Customers)

Buyers love tiny courses. They’re easy to buy (no need to save up or talk to the spouse) and easy to consume, but the real reason is because they make it easy to get results. No one wants to invest six months into learning how to knit a scarf or plant a garden or publish a Kindle book. We want to do that stuff today.

But as course creators, we are so consumed with overdelivering that we often bury the quick wins our customers really want in loads of information they don’t need. Lesson three helps you solve that by offering…

  • 3 important ways to narrow your focus while providing even more value to your customers.
  • One question you must answer about your product. This one shift in your process will make content creation and marketing infinitely easier. Do not skip this step!
  • The inadvertent (and highly profitable) benefit of narrowing your focus. Get this right, and over time you’ll easily surpass what you’d earn from a larger product launch.

Lesson 4:

Cut and Paste Production Plans for Fast Results

Creating your Tiny Course Empire means you’ll earn the title of prolific course creator, but don’t worry, lesson four makes it easy, with…

  • Must-have foundational elements that will save you hours of wasted time every single month while increasing sales and cutting back on customer service issues, too!
  • Trello boards to keep you organized and on schedule, even if you’re a true solopreneur and you’re doing it all on your own.
  • A peek at how I organize and optimize my own course creation schedule so I can work as few hours as possible while still serving up hot-selling courses every single month (and all without a team to handle the heavy lifting).

Lesson 5:

Quick-Launch Formula for Predictable Profits

Rapid-fire course creation like you’ll learn in Tiny Course Empire presents some unique challenges when it comes to marketing. You won’t have the luxury of a long-sales cycle with with plenty of room for trial and error.

Instead, we’ll aim for maximum efficiency and organization with...

  • A detailed timeline of promotional events so you can be prepared well ahead of time. You’ll be able to sit back and relax for a bit while you consider your next empire-building moves.
  • A proven, rinse-and-repeat system for getting the word out about your new course, including 3 must-have elements as well as a few “nice to have” ideas for added oomph!
  • A done-for-you Trello board for tracking all the bits and pieces and ensuring nothing is missed along the way.

Lesson 6:

Building a Course Catalog Snowball

Here’s where your Tiny Course Empire really begins to grow. By leveraging the assets you’re creating, your business will continue to grow, gaining speed (and profits) along the way. I’ll show you…

  • Three steps to continual growth simply by leveraging what you’ve created. This is where a lot of tiny course creators drop the ball, and it costs them in lost profits, so don’t miss this piece.
  • Five ways to repurpose your tiny courses for even more profits. Your initial course launch is only the beginning. Put any (or all) of these ideas to work in your business and watch your audience and your profits grow.
  • How tiny courses continue to earn long after they’ve been released. Don’t skip this step, because this is truly what “passive income” is all about.

Lesson 7:

Creating Consistent Action and Unstoppable Momentum

No Tiny Course Empire will continue to thrive without consistent action. In lesson seven, we’ll look at some practical ways to…

  • Create a reasonable production schedule that won’t wear you out or leave you feeling stressed.
  • Decide when and how to outsource some elements of your tiny course empire to save even more time.
  • Design a course release schedule that keeps your buyers coming back for more by offering exactly what they need to succeed. 

Cindy's Tiny Course Empire has blown me away! As soon as I saw it I went through the entire course because I wanted to know how she creates so many successful small courses. SO many people struggle with this, and she's just made it so simple. This will help me, my customers, and my clients. I'm sending them straight to Cindy when they ask me how to start creating products. 

From creating the transcript, to the consistency of products, to the templates for easier workflow she has covered everything someone needs to know plus made it EASY with Trello boards laid out and ready to use!

Angela Wills

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Tiny Course Empire

  • 7 short video lessons with transcripts and downloadable audio files. Watch online or download the audio to your device for listening on the go. You can even print the transcripts for offline reading or to refer back to later.
  • 3 done-for-you Trello boards to help you get and stay organized. Copy them into your account and then edit them to match your own schedule and product needs.
  • Easy-to-follow checklists to help you get and stay organized as you build your tiny course empire.
  • Fillable worksheets in PDF format so you can follow along with each lesson and begin implementing what you learn. 
Tiny Course Empire Cover

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Everyone who wants to create a course should get this. They'd be making courses and money before they knew it if they did.

April Lemarr

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Tiny Course Empire doesn't in any way help you create and profit from bite-size courses, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just getting started. How can Tiny Course Empire help me?

Tiny Course Empire is perfect for those new to creating online courses. It will help you avoid the overwhelm and create courses your ideal client will love.

How is Tiny Course Empire different from Quick & Easy Course Creation? 

Tiny Course Empire focuses on leveraging a catalog of small courses in a variety of ways to earn multiple six figures without the stress of big course launches. Quick & Easy Course Creation is all about the nuts and bolts of creating those courses.

I'm an advanced marketer earning a good living. Is there anything here for me?

The gold nuggets for more advanced entrepreneurs are the systemization. I'll make your course creation efforts faster and more efficient, which means higher profits for you!

Do I need to be using any specific software for this to work? 

Nope! While you can use paid ads to drive traffic to your tiny courses, it's definitely not a requirement. Instead, Tiny Course Empire focuses on using email and other content marketing solutions. 

What if I get stuck? 

In every one of my courses, I encourage questions so you'll never be left wondering what to do next. You can ask right on the page, or join my private forum and start a new thread there.

Is this PLR (private label rights) content?

No, these resources are for your personal use only. You may not repurpose or resell them, or give them away to your clients or others. Virtual assistants, freelancers and others MAY use the strategies they learn to improve client projects.

What if I decide this course just isn't for me? Can I get a refund? 

Absolutely! We have a generous 7-day, no questions asked refund policy. Just email us at and we'll process a refund if this course is not a fit for your business.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach me and my team by emailing We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

About Your Tiny Course Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've been helping to build digital product businesses for more than 11 years. I've seen the inner workings of big course launches and the stress they can create. That's why I designed my business to be different. 

What I'm teaching inside Tiny Course Empire is the exact system I use to plan, create, publish, and profit from a catalog of bite-size courses my customers love. Repeat buyers and long-term customers are proof that this system works for me, and it can work for you, too. 

I'll show you how inside Tiny Course Empire.

I found this course at the perfect time since I was working on a product for a bundle. Knowing why and how to track my results was particularly helpful. That would have fallen through the cracks without a reminder.

Tiny Course Empire

How to Earn Big Profits With Low-Cost Digital Products

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