How to Spend Less Time Managing Your
Coaching Business, and More Time
Actually Serving Your Clients

…Even if you’re just getting started and don’t have a team to lean on yet.

I bet when you decided to become a coach, it never occurred to you that you’d spend just as much time doing the admin work as you do actually helping your clients.

It’s an unfortunate reality that most new coaches discover early on, and if you’re not careful, it can suck the joy right out of your business.

Instead of serving your clients and improving their lives, you’re busy:

  • Juggling appointments on your ever-shifting calendar
  • Booking discovery call after discovery call with people who will never hire you and who only signed up because they wanted “free coaching”
  • Following up with clients who fail to book calls (and who also fail to make progress on their goals--or worse, fail to pay you)

Add to that all the other administrative tasks on your plate, and suddenly the actual time you spend coaching has shrunk to just a few hours each week.

Is there a better way? You bet!

Save Hours Every Month With Easy, Cost-Effective Systemization & Automation Strategies Designed Just for Coaches

The top-earning coaches aren’t just the best at what they do, they’re also the most organized and efficient at running their business. That’s because they understand that while they only get paid for the actual coaching work they do, the administrative functions can quickly spiral out of control.

That’s why they put systems in place to manage everything with ease, so they can maximize their client hours (and their income).

You can do the same, and you won’t even have to shell out hundreds of dollars every month for an expensive CRM tool, pay online business manager rates, or hire a VA to make it happen.

Simple Tools Do the Heavy Lifting

The Coach’s Toolkit gives you the step-by-step workflows, checklists, and templates to keep your coaching business running smoothly. Best of all, it’s all done with the free and low-cost tools you probably already have and use. There’s no need to invest in costly CRMs or complicated database software before you can serve your clients well.

Here’s what’s included inside The Coach’s Toolkit:

  • Your Client Attraction Funnel System. At the heart of every fully-booked calendar is a lead-generating client attraction funnel. This guide will help you evaluate your existing funnel and fix any issues that keep you struggling to book clients.
  • Discovery Call Promotion Checklist. You don’t have to rely on your funnel to keep your calendar full. Make sure you’re using all 16 of these promotion strategies as well.
  • Discovery Call Questionnaire Template. Stop wasting your time chatting up unqualified and unprepared leads. Instead, ask the right questions on your discovery call intake form, and fill your calendar with those who are ready and excited to work with you.
  • Discovery Call Cancelation Script. Not everyone who books a call with you is a good fit. Respectfully decline their booking with this call cancellation script.
  • Discovery Call Reminder Emails. Few things are more frustrating to a coach than to set aside your precious time to speak to a potential client, only to be met with a no show. Use these email templates to dramatically cut down on those useless hours. 
  • Design Your Discovery Call Script Worksheet. Free-flow discovery calls rarely get results. Design your sales producing script and you’ll never again wonder how a conversation managed to go so far off the rails.
  • Calendar Set Up Checklist. Who has time to manually manage a calendar? Follow this set up checklist to automate all your client bookings, discovery calls, and more.
  • Pre-Call Checklist. Spend 5 minutes before each call with this checklist, so you can be well prepared and fully present for your clients.
  • Client Call Checklist. Make the most of every minute by creating an effective call routine. This checklist is a solid foundation you can build on. 
  • Post-Call Checklist. With multiple clients to manage and often back-to-back phone calls, staying organized is a must. This quick post-call checklist makes it easy.
  • Workflow Automation Checklist. Stay in touch with clients quickly and easily using this workflow automation strategy.
  • New Client Opening Checklist. Got an opening in your schedule? You won’t have to wait long for a new client when you follow this 8-point checklist and use these 5 email templates to help get the word out.
  • New Client Onboarding Checklist. Get off to a smooth start and ensure your systems are running at their most efficient when you follow (or even outsource) this easy, 9-point checklist. 
  • Testimonial Request Email Templates. Real client results are critical to keeping your calendar filled. Use this template to request testimonials from current and past clients.
  • Testimonial Usage Checklist. Don’t let those precious testimonials languish on your praise page! Put them to work in all the most important places by following this checklist.
  • Troubleshooting Your Coaching Business Worksheet. When your calendar is looking bare, it can be hard to know where to begin. This troubleshooting worksheet will help pinpoint the reason and give you an action plan to fix the issue.  
  • Recommended Tech Set Up. You'll find plenty of costly tools out there that claim to make coaching easier, but you can do everything you need effectively and efficiently with just 4 tools (and two of them won't cost you a dime). 

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Put Easy Workflows in Place Now, and You’ll Be Poised to Scale BIG

Here’s what else happens when you automate and systemize intentionally—and with your future goals in mind—you don’t have to worry about becoming overwhelmed or overworked down the road.

In fact, you’ll be well on your way to taking your fledgling coaching business from a couple of clients and a few hundred dollars in revenue to 6- or even 7-figures and beyond. Because let’s face it, you can’t help more people if you’re drowning in administrative tasks.

What’s Included in The Coach’s Toolkit

  • Step-by-step guide to evaluate and optimize your client-attracting funnel (get this right, and you’ll never look at an empty calendar again)
  • Troubleshooting cheat sheet to quickly identify the exact issues that are standing between you and a wildly successful coaching business
  • 8 done-for-you checklists to minimize the low-level, low-return admin tasks and maximize the time you spend helping improve the lives of your clients 
  • 14 fill-in-the-blank email templates to make booking the ideal client as easy as copy and paste (and so you can stop stressing about the right way to cancel a call, reach out to new clients, ask for a testimonial, and more)
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If The Coach's Toolkit doesn't make managing your coaching business easier and more efficient, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Coach’s Toolkit for?

This toolkit is for new or established coaches in any niche who want to be better organized in their business so they can save time and work with more clients.

How is the content delivered?

Once your payment is processed, you’ll get instant access to our secure members’ area where all the checklists, templates, and workflows are available for immediate download. All content is delivered in PDF files.

Is this PLR (private label content)?

No, these resources are for your personal use only. You may not repurpose or resell them, or give them away to your clients or others.

Will this teach me how to be a coach?

No. This is not a certification course. I assume you already know how to best help your clients achieve their goals. The Coach’s Toolkit gives you the strategies and tactics to do so more efficiently and profitably.

About Your Coaching Systems Guide

Cindy Bidar

I spent years working with 7-figure coaches, managing the details of their funnels, discovery calls, onboarding tasks, and even gift buying and payment collection. There are a lot of costly and complex systems out there that claim to make your coaching business easy to manage, but the truth is, you can achieve the same thing much more effectively if you just focus on a few simple goals.

I’ve distilled years of hands-on experience into one easy-to-follow system anyone can implement. I don’t assume you have a team (although if you do, much of this can be outsourced) or an expensive CRM system. What I do assume is that you have a genuine desire to help your clients, and your one wish is that you had more time to do just that.

The Coach’s Toolkit will help get you there.

PS: You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If The Coach's Toolkit doesn't make managing your coaching business easier and more efficient, simply email me for a prompt, courteous refund. 

The Coach's Toolkit

Checklists, Templates, and Workflows to Make Your Coaching Business More Profitable

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