Here's a Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Follow Business-Building Plan to Get Your Online Business Up and Running FAST!

Even if all you have right now is the spark of an idea and a dream...

Building a business is never a straight path down a one-way street. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. It’s more like a choose your own adventure book, where every decision leads to different destination, where yet another decision must be made.

On summer days when I was a kid, that was fun. If I made the wrong choice and got dropped down a well or locked in an abandoned mine, all I had to do was back up a few pages and pick another option.

As a struggling entrepreneur, it’s an endless cycle of frustration that adds months or even years to your goal of starting a business. Worse, it can cost you in not just in lost time, but in real dollars spent on the wrong tools or chasing an audience who won’t buy.

Where's the Roadmap to Success?

That roadmap is what I set out to create when I designed Back to Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan.

This easy-to-follow, jargon-free and technophobe-friendly course takes you by the hand and guides your every decision so you never have to backtrack or second-guess yourself again.

We start with the foundation every business needs, and build upon that with a series of action steps and thoughtful decisions so you can confidently move forward, knowing you’ve made the right choices along the way.

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Here's What We're Covering Inside

Back to Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan

Lesson 1:

Choose Your Online Business Direction

You cannot build a business if you don’t know what that business actually DOES, so why do so many courses and coaching programs gloss over this critical piece—if they even bother to mention it at all? It’s like they just expect you to know what kind of business is the right fit.

And seriously, if you knew that, you’d already be doing it, right?

In this lesson, we’ll dig into…

  • The six most common digital business models (and the pros and cons of each) so you can avoid the trial and error and jump right to business success
  • What it really takes to run each type of business, including the important questions to ask before you make your choice (I’m even including a quick assessment tool to help you decide)
  • How each business model finds customers—and more importantly, what the true profit potential is for each—so you’ll know for sure if you’re on the right path

Lesson 2: 

Pinpoint Your Profitable Niche

Once you know what you want to DO in your business, we’re going to niche it down (all the ‘experts’ say you have to do that) and get super specific about exactly what you want to be known for. I’ll share…

  • Four easy ways to narrow your focus fast (no more analysis paralysis or procrastiplanning for you!)
  • My favorite research tools to help you make an informed decision (this will take about five minutes, and you’ll finally be confident in your focus)
  • The real scoop about which niches to avoid if you want to find long-term success
  • How your niche-narrowing method and your business model work together to form a successful (and profitable) business plan you’ll be excited to explore

Lesson 3:

Identify Your Dream Client

You may know (finally) what direction your business will take, but if you want it to flourish, that’s not enough. You have to also get in front of the right people, and in order to do THAT, you have to actually know who those people are.

And here’s a shocker… “everyone” is the “Way wrong answer” to quote a favorite Christmas movie.

We’re going to…

  • Start with what you already know about your audience (there’s gold in that data) so you can begin to understand whos already listening to you (and yes, you do have an audience, even if you’re brand new)
  • Uncover the important demographics you must know about your ideal customer—and identify the ones you can safely ignore (which is probably most of them)
  • Reveal the details that drive your customers to buy—when you get this piece right, everything from your sales copy to your branding will fall naturally into place

Lesson 4:

Create an Eye-Catching Brand
(no design skills or outsourcing budget required)

You don’t have to hire a 5-figure brand consultant in order to run a successful business, but you do need to understand how branding works, and that’s exactly what lesson four is all about.

I’ll give you the tools you need to…

  • Design a brand that captures the attention of the one person who needs it most… your ideal client (and a big newbie mistake to avoid)
  • Create a consistent look and personality for your online business (if you skip this step, you run the risk of confusing your audience, and confused people don’t click the buy button)
  • Build your most important brand assets fast using nothing but free, easy-to-use tools

Lesson 5:

Create Your Critical Business Assets

There is a seemingly endless lineup of software and systems required to run an online business. If you don’t have a roadmap to follow, just getting ready to hang your virtual shingle and declare you’re open for business can look more like a labyrinth worthy of a Goblin King than a business plan.

We’re going to shorten that learning curve and forge a straight path to the finish line by…

  • Identifying the only three things you need right now (the rest can wait until you get your feet under you)
  • Quickly launching your website with your new brand (seriously, you can do this in an afternoon—I’ll show you how)
  • Creating and using a domain email so you look like the professional, got-it-all-together entrepreneur you are
  • Claiming all the right social profiles (do this now or you might regret it later)
  • Documenting everything so you don’t waste time down the road trying to find your logins or remember your Twitter username (don't worry—I've got a template to make it easy)

Lesson 6:

Design a Manageable Marketing Plan

All that planning and prep is for nothing if you don’t have a marketing strategy, so lesson six is all about getting the word out! I’ll explain the top five ways to market your online business, including…

  • Why free methods might be a better choice than paid options, depending on your business model and niche
  • What marketing strategies are the best match for your specific business model (and which ones to avoid)
  • The marketing plan we all want to use (and that rarely works) and what to do instead
  • How to mix-and-match strategies to design a custom plan that works for your business model, your audience, and your style

A Start-to-Finish
Business-Building Plan

By the time you’ve worked through all six lessons in An Online Business Start-Up Plan, you’ll have…

  • A profitable business model that fits your lifestyle, your personality, and your financial goals
  • A niche you’re enthusiastic about, with an audience of eager buyers ready to take action
  • A brand that attracts your ideal customer (and even turns away those who will only waste your time)
  • Critical business foundation pieces that will support you as you grow
  • A do-able marketing plan that gets results without overwhelming you

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve been struggling to make progress on your business-building goals, and feel like you’re stuck or just spinning your wheels with nothing to show for it
  • You’re tired of second guessing your decisions and backtracking endlessly, and you just want a guidebook to point the wa
  • You’re not quite sure how to turn your skills or knowledge into actual profits, and want to explore the options available to you through the eyes of an experienced online business owner
  • You have a business that makes some money sometimes, but it’s not consistent and you’re starting to wonder if you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere

This course is not for you if…

  • Your business is growing at a rate you’re happy with, and you’re confident in the choices you've made along the way
  • You’re looking for a make money fast scheme that requires little effort and even less time
  • You’re most interested in eCommerce or Amazon FBA business ideas, and prefer the idea of selling physical products rather than digital goods

Here’s everything that’s included in Back to Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan

  • Six video lessons that lead you step-by-step through all the most important business-building decisions
  • A quick-and-easy business model assessment tool to help you clear away the confusion and finally decide exactly what your new business will look like, PLUS how you can make two or more complementary business models work together for even more profits and financial stability
  • 8 printable worksheets and checklists to help you evaluate your options, brainstorm ideas, and document your progress at every step
  • 3 additional technophobe-friendly implementation videos that show you exactly how to create your most important business assets without overthinking it or becoming mired in unintelligible jargon
  • Full transcripts for all six lessons, along with downloadable audio files so you can study the materials in any way that makes sense to you and your personal learning style
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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Back to Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan doesn't in any way help you start or grow your business, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

About Your Business-Building Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've been building 6- and 7-figure online businesses for almost 11 years, and one thing that hasn't changed—in fact, it's gotten worse—is the overwhelming nature of it all. Without a systematic, objective decision making process to follow, you can struggle for years.

You need a guide to turn the trial-and-error approach into a do-able plan, and that's exactly what Back to Basics can do for you.

Back to Basics:

An Online Business Start-Up Plan

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