Finally! A step-by-step course creation plan that actually WORKS! 

And without a huge investment in technology, a degree in video production, or the nerve-racking overwhelm that has kept you from success in the past.

All of these things are true:

FACT: Digital courses are hotter than ever. By some estimates, online courses will become a $325 billion industry by 2025.

FACT: Buyers in all niches love digital courses. Do a search for anything you want to learn, from bird watching to vegan cooking, and you’ll find courses to help you.

FACT: YOU have all the knowledge and skills you need to create a digital course that people will buy.

Yep, even that last one is absolutely on point...

So what’s stopping you from cashing in on this billion-dollar online learning craze?

Well, if you’re like most people, it’s probably one of these common issues:

Technology overwhelm. With all the possible ways to create a course, it’s easy to get trapped in analysis paralysis and never actually get anything done. Worse, you might mistakenly believe that you have to invest hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in membership software, teleprompters, video cameras, mixers, and all kinds of other tools.

Course bloat. Maybe you’ve tried before to map out a course, but got discouraged when you couldn’t figure out how much (or what) information to include, and before you knew it, you were looking at 47 modules and who knows how much video time. Ugh.

This is a common problem for entrepreneurs who only want to serve their audience and provide the best possible resources, but the truth is, overdelivering in this way actually confuses your buyers as much as it overwhelms you!

Half-finisheditis. Yep, that’s a real thing, and for many course creators, it’s what ultimately kills the dream. In reality, half-finisheditis is just a symptom of course bloat and tech overwhelm though, so if you can overcome those (and learn a few useful tricks prolific course creators know) you can easily beat this one, too.

Now imagine what it will be like to...

  • Easily plan and launch a new course, knowing it has everything your buyers need to succeed.
  • Confidently make use of powerful course-creation tools without once getting lost or confused.
  • Never again feel overwhelmed at all there is to do just to get to the finish line!

Quick & Easy Course Creation Is Everything You Need to Turn What You Know Into a Professional Quality Digital Course

In the last few months, I’ve heard from dozens of customers and clients who are interested in creating courses, who have something of value to share (just like you), but who just can’t figure out how to translate their knowledge into useful course content they can be proud of.

So I took a look at many of the other trainings out there on course creation (including some of my own) and I discovered a HUGE gap. Sure, there are lots of courses about strategy and marketing and pricing and even idea validation, but there are darned few that dig into the actual how-to of getting your thoughts into an outline and that outline onto a slide deck and that slide deck into video format.

That’s exactly what Quick & Easy Course Creation is all about. It bridges the gap between idea and marketing, so you can stop thinking about creating a course, and actually get it done.

Click the play button below and I’ll give you a tour of what’s inside.

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What Cindy's students say about her courses

As with all Cindy's courses this one too is simple and easy to digest. There were many "Ah ha!" moments that have helped in building my sales page. I particularly love that I can refer back to it time after time.

Jane Lamason

Follow My Step-By-Step Plan For Creating Digital Courses From Scratch 

Lesson 1: 

The Course Creation Resource Guide

This is your course foundation. In this short guide, you’ll find out exactly what tools to use to create your course, why some tools are better than others, and how they all work together. You’ll learn:

  • The old-school (some might say archaic) way I begin all my course planning. Once I figured out this technique, my course flow improved immensely—as did my course-creation efficiency.
  • My top choice for slide decks and—BONUS!—it’s free!
  • How I create printables like worksheets and checklists, and how to add massive value by making them fillable (and yes, there’s a free tool for this, too!)

You’ll refer back to this lesson again and again as we get into the nuts and bolts of creating a digital course, starting with…

Lesson 2: 

How to Plan Your Course for Maximum Effectiveness

In this lesson, I’m going to help you get crystal clear on exactly what to include in your course and how to organize it so it helps your students find massive success. I’ll show you…

  • How asking one simple question will finally put an end to the course bloat (believe me, your students will thank you for this!)
  • Why it’s critical to keep your lessons short and on point. In fact, you might be surprised at what the recommended lesson length actually is.
  • How to design your course so it flows naturally from one topic to the next. Get this right, and you’ll never again confuse or overwhelm your students—or yourself.

By the time you’re finished with lesson 2, you’ll have a fully fleshed-out course you can be proud of. Virtually all that's left is to fill in the blanks...

Lesson 3:

Developing Your Course Script

You don’t have to be a great writer to benefit from creating a script for your course. In fact (as one client recently discovered) scripting the entire thing feels a lot less like "cheating" and a whole lot more like providing the best possible experience for your students.

  • Why this is the critical step that causes so many courses to go off the rails (and your dreams with it), and how to manage the entire process with ease.
  • The 3-part framework that makes writing your course fast and easy, and that helps your students to learn more, too!
  • How to keep your students engaged in every single lesson. This one tip will turn one-time buyers into successful students who buy from you again and again.
  • The must-have closing piece that virtually guarantees success for your students, and that keeps them excited about the next lesson.
  • A foolproof, 3-piece teaching method that helps students remember and take action on your most important advice.

Lesson 4:

Creating Professional-Quality Slide Decks

The biggest mistake new (and even seasoned) course creators make is that they want to start with the slides. That’s method might seem like the fastest route to course completion, but it’s actually the best way to derail your entire project.

In this lesson, I’ll teach you the method I’ve been using for years, including…

  • How to prepare your script or outline to make it easy to create engaging slide decks that won’t bore your students.
  • How to choose the right images for each slide. Get this right and you’ll help avoid every course creator’s worst fear—the multi-tasking student.
  • The text that should never appear on your slides. Most course creators make this mistake—but you won’t!
  • How to make use of a little-known feature of presentation software. (This one tip will save you loads of frustration and editing time.)
  • How to avoid looking like an amateur slide creator by avoiding one enticing presentation element (seriously, just don’t do it).

Lesson 5:

Printables to Help Your Students Succeed

Course creators know that the biggest challenge they face (after actually getting their course done) is getting students to implement what they’ve learned. Printables are the answer to that dilemma, but not just any old checklist or worksheet will do the job.

In this lesson, I’ll show you…

  • The must-have elements every digital course needs (don’t worry, these take just a few minutes when you follow my course creation strategy).
  • Little-known reasons to include a variety of course formats. Once you understand the why behind this, you’ll never consider anything less (and your students will thank you for it).
  • How to choose the right printables for your course, and what to include in each (hint: It’s probably less than you think you need).
  • How file names help eliminate student frustration and can actually encourage your customers to finish your course, and how to create useful names that make sense to everyone.
  • Which tools make it easy to create a variety of printables (including one you might not have considered).

It’s not enough any more to just offer video lessons and expect your students to figure out the implementation piece. When you get this right, your customers will return again and again, because they know they’ll find the success they’re looking for.

Lesson 6:

The Technophobe's Guide to Video Creation

If the thought of video recording and editing is holding you back from completing your course, you’ll love the easy video techniques in this lesson. I’ll show you…

  • How to record your lessons using a tool you already use nearly every day (even better, it’s FREE).
  • How to seamlessly narrate your presentation without shuffling through printed pages or forgetting to advance your slides.
  • The inexpensive microphone that makes you sound like a pro (no mixer or other tech hardware required).
  • 7 important tips for professional sounding video (believe me, your students will thank you for following this advice).
  • How to prioritize clarity over perfection so you can stop driving yourself crazy in the editing phase.

I’ve even included a true “over the shoulder” video demonstrating how I set my desk up for recording. It’s an easy system anyone can use, and once you see it in action, your course production will be so much easier!

Lesson 7:

Workflow Strategies for Easy Course Materials Management

It’s no secret that digital courses have a lot of moving parts to keep track of. There’s the outlines and the scripting, the slides and video, worksheets and checklists, transcripts, audio, research, and so much more. It’s easy to lose track of all the bits, especially if you’re working with a team, so this lesson is all about staying organized for better efficiency, higher profits, and less stress.

I’ll show you…

  • How and where I organize my course files before, during, and after production so I never spend more than a few seconds looking for anything.
  • How to choose the right file storage solutions for your team, so you don’t lose time and money.
  • How to “future proof” your course materials. One common mistake new course creators make can cause you needless frustration down the road, so don’t skip this part!
  • How to use templates for all of your course files to save time and ensure consistent branding across your entire course.


Pitfalls to Watch For When Creating Your Course on Teachable or Podia

I know that choosing a course host is a huge roadblock for many creators, so I decided to dig into two of the most popular options available, Teachable and Podia, and give you an inside look at what it’s like to actually upload your course material in each one.

I’ve talked through the entire process, with plenty of opinion on the pros and cons of each, and more than a few "gotchas" that could set your course launch efforts back days or even weeks—not to mention the frustration of it all. If you're considering either of these platforms for your course, make sure you watch these walkthrough videos first. 

 Here’s Exactly What You’ll Find Inside Quick & Easy Course Creation

  • 7 short video lessons with transcripts and downloadable audio files. Watch online or download the audio to your device for listening on the go. You can even print the transcripts for offline reading or to refer back to later.
  • Example Trello board to demonstrate exactly how I design my courses to maximize student success and to ensure every important point is covered.
  • Easy-to-follow checklists to help you get and stay organized as you create your own course.
  • Fillable worksheets in PDF format so you can follow along with each lesson and begin implementing what you learn.
  • Two BONUS lessons to help you avoid the not-so-obvious pitfalls you'll find in two popular course platforms.

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What Cindy's students say about her courses

By having each piece of the sales page broken down into easy step by step actions to take and things to look out for the whole thought of a “sales page” becomes less intimidating and overwhelming. It’s just not that scary anymore- it feels doable!

Sarah Walsh

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Quick & Easy Course Creation doesn't in any way make planning, writing, and creating your next course easier and less stressful, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Quick & Easy Course Creation different from Tiny Course Empire?

Tiny Course Empire focuses on leveraging a catalog of small courses in a variety of ways to earn multiple six figures without the stress of big course launches. Quick & Easy Course Creation is all about the nuts and bolts of creating those courses.

Do I have to use a specific software (such as Kajabi) to use your system?

Nope. I’ve written Quick & Easy Course Creation for solo-preneurs on a budget, so there’s no high-ticket tools required. I do make platform recommendations, but you can use any course software you choose, or even “roll your own” using WordPress if you prefer.

What if I get stuck?

Every lesson has it’s own comment section, and you’re encouraged to ask any questions you have there. I’m happy to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge or help you get over a rough spot in your course development. 

Will this course help me pick a great topic for my course?

No. Quick & Easy Course Creation assumes you know what you want to teach, or that you have a question in mind that your potential buyer wants and needs to have answered.

Is this PLR (private label rights) content?

No, these resources are for your personal use only. You may not repurpose or resell them, or give them away to your clients or others. Virtual assistants, freelancers and others MAY use the strategies they learn to improve client projects.

What if I decide this course just isn't for me? Can I get a refund? 

Absolutely! We have a generous 7-day, no questions asked refund policy. Just email us at and we'll process a refund if this course is not a fit for your business.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach me and my team by emailing We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

 I’ve packed years of trial and error into this course…

Listen, you could figure this all out on your own. You’re a savvy business owner, after all. But you’re also smart enough to learn from other people’s mistakes, and take it from me, I’ve made them all in the early course creation days.

Skip the frustration and put these techniques to work for you on your next digital course. You’ll love how quick and effortless it can be to create a professional looking online course, even if you’ve never done it before.

And if you’ve been around the course-creation block a time or two, I bet you’ll pick up a few tricks that will save you time and money, and more than cover your investment today.

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What Cindy's students say about her courses

I love how Cindy breaks down a large, complicated process into small, digestible bites. It reduces overwhelm and makes goals and tasks much more attainable!

Tina Huffman

About Your Course Creation Coach

Cindy Bidar

My first digital course was a mess. It was unorganized, didn’t have any “flow” to it, and it took me months to complete.

It also didn’t sell. No surprise there.

That experience was so stressful, I didn’t create another course for years. I thought I was just bad at it, that course creation wasn’t for me. Turns out what I really needed was a well-designed process. No one was teaching it (they still aren’t) so it was trial and error all the way until I had good systems in place.

Fast forward to today, and I’m designing and launching a new course every single month for my Six-Figure Systems members. I follow the exact same process every time, which means I get my courses created fast, without a team to help with the writing and editing, and without spending all my time at the keyboard.

I can teach you how to do the same. 

Quick & Easy Course Creation

Low-Cost Solutions for Creating Professional-Quality Digital Courses

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