Get Your Next Digital Product Launched in Hours Instead of Days (or Weeks!)

Even if you consider yourself "technically challenged," don't have a clue how to write a sales page, and aren't sure of the difference between a payment processor and a shopping cart.

I'll let you in on a little secret...

Checklists and Templates Put an End to Your Frustration and Make Selling Online a Breeze!

It's true.

Ask most any 6- or 7-figure online business owner, and they'll tell you they rely on checklists and templates more than any other tool. And there's a good reason for that:

Documented, repeatable processes make everyone more efficient... and efficiency = profits.

In fact, if you think about it, you probably already have a library of checklists you use. The trouble is, they very likely live inside your head. That's a problem when it comes to consistency--not to mention delegation. This system falls apart fast when it comes to efficiency. 

And even if you already have everything documented, how can you know you're still not missing some critical step that could increase your profits and reduce your expenses? 

Well, you can't, but...

Done-for-you procedures take the guesswork out of every launch...

Imagine what it would mean to your business if you could spy on the marketing operations of 6- and 7-figure online businesses and see exactly how you can...

  • Write compelling sales copy that connects with your readers and acts as a profit magnet.
  • Choose the perfect platforms and systems for product delivery so you can have stress-free launches every time.
  • Deliver flawless customer service to keep your buyers happily returning again and again.

  • Store your video, audio and other files securely, without making it more difficult for paying customers to gain access when they need them (and without making it harder on you!)
  • Entice JV partners to share your content with their audience, so your business grows at exponential rates and you both earn great profits. 
  • Easily add sophisticated tracking systems to your sales funnels so you can scale quickly when the time is right.
  • Make the best use of your product delivery pages, so you can maximize your earnings every step of the way.

All these things and more are business as usual for anyone with a well-documented, tried-and-true procedures manual, but for the rest? There's probably room for improvement. 

And that's exactly what you'll get inside...

“Easy Product Launch Planning: Checklists & Templates to Make Every Launch a Breeze”

Whether you're just exploring the possibility of creating a digital product, or you've got a few under your belt already, these done-for-you checklists and templates will make the process smoother at every step.  

They're organized in three categories, so you and your team can find just what you need, from beginning to end. You'll know just what to outsource, how to choose your product format, what to say on your sales page, how to promote your new product and so much more!


Set yourself up for success with pre-launch checklists for planning ahead, choosing great platforms, and avoiding the most common pitfalls.


Get your sales funnel in tip-top shape with step-by-step checklists & a sales page worksheet to help create compelling sales copy.


Head into launch day with confidence, thanks to these done-for-you customer service, promotion, and quality assurance checklists.

These done-for-you checklists and templates take the mystery and frustration out of digital product sales.

Get a peak inside top-earning online businesses when you get access to the very same checklists and templates entrepreneurs just like you are using to work more efficiently, make more sales, and spend less time "putting out fires." 

Here's everything that's included in this brand new checklist pack...

Get a solid foundation in place first with...

  • Launch Timeline: Get out your calendar and start planning ahead, because the last thing you want is to head into your launch week with critical pieces missing or incomplete!
  • Pre-Launch Preparation Checklist: No matter how small your business or how simple your product, every launch has dozens of moving parts to coordinate. Follow along with this checklist to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Outsourcing Checklist: Ready to hire someone else (or several someones) to do the heavy lifting? Use this checklist to identify potential tasks you can easily outsource.
  • Choose Your Setup Plan: There are hundreds of ways to sell and deliver digital products, and working out all the details can feel pretty overwhelming. This checklist will simplify your choices and help you get clear on exactly what you need.
Easy Product Launch Planning Cover
  • Cloud Storage Setup Checklist: Digital files have to “live” somewhere so you can easily deliver them to your customers. Cloud storage is the easiest option, and every platform has its own style and requirements. Follow these checklists to ensure your customers can easily access their purchases.
  • Shopping Cart Setup Checklist: Regardless of the cart you choose, whether 1Shopping Cart or Zaxaa or anything in between, certain steps must be taken to ensure a smooth launch process. Follow this checklist to be sure nothing is missing.
  • PayPal Button Setup Checklist: PayPal is the easiest way to get paid online, but there are several steps to setup and add a buy button to your sales page, and the steps will differ depending on the type of PayPal account you have. Follow this checklist to make it easy.
  • Affiliate Program Setup Checklist: One of the best ways to promote your new product is to share the revenue with trusted referral partners. Follow this checklist to create an enticing program for your affiliates, and make it easy for them to promo your new product.

Then build out your profitable funnel with...

  • Sales Page Setup Checklist: Regardless of which payment processor or shopping cart solution you choose, your digital product needs a sales page. It can be short or long, video-focused or text only, plain or fancy, but all sales pages have several things in common. Follow this checklist to make quick work of setting up your next sales page.
  • Thank You/Download Page Setup Checklist: Maybe the most valuable virtual real estate you own, your thank you pages have several jobs to do. Make sure you cover all the bases by following this checklist.
  • Facebook Pixel Installation Checklist: Even if you have no plans to create Facebook ads at this time, I highly recommend creating a Facebook pixel and installing it on all your online properties. Doing so now will prepare you for future growth. Use this checklist to get everything set up and tracking properly.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code Setup Checklist: Google Analytics is the best free website analytics package you can use. It’s filled with powerful features, but one important use is in tracking sales and opt-in conversions. Use this checklist to get your account set up and to create your first goal inside your Analytics account.
  • Welcome Sequence Setup Checklist: Regardless of how you’ll deliver your product, an email welcome sequence is a must have. Sometimes called a “nurture sequence,” these emails help you build a better relationship with your new customer. Follow this checklist to ensure everything is working as it should.
  • Build A Buzz Pre-Launch Checklist: Before you hit publish on your sales page, there’s plenty you can do to get your audience excited about your new product. Use this checklist to be sure you’ve covered all the bases.

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"Better than I would have made..."

"So excited to have these checklists!! I’ve been saying I’ll make them for two years and now I have ones better than I would have made. And the email templates are so juicy and make it so much easier to take action with getting these funnels done."

Angel Santos
Christian Shepreneur Academy

When launch day arrives,
you'll be ready to go with...

  • Final Quality Check Checklist: Just when you think you’re ready to go… something will break. Prevent those last-minute stress-makers by taking a final run through this checklist.
  • Help Desk Setup Checklist: Customer service is fast and easy (not to mention more helpful) when you take the time to prepare for each product. Follow this checklist to stay organized and save time.
  • Powerful Promotion Strategies Checklist: Once your product is complete and your sales funnel is properly connected, you might think the work is done. Instead, it’s just beginning! Use this checklist to be sure you’re leveraging all the available promotion opportunities so you can maximize your profits.

"Jump start your procedures..."

"Thank you for the great checklists. We're in the process of starting to write down our systems and you just gave us a jump start."

Tracy Roberts
Piggy Makes Bank

PLUS... If you've ever struggled with your sales copy, you love the included sales page template and workbook!

Easy Product Launch Planning Cover

I'll walk you through how to craft a compelling sales page, from headline creation through to the final call to action. This simple template lets your readers know that you understand their goals and dreams, have a plan for overcoming their hurdles, and why your product is the perfect solution. 

You'll easily write

  • Attention-grabbing headlines that entice visitors to want to know more
  • Benefit-driven bullet points to paint a picture of your ideal customers goals.
  • Compelling calls to action that invite readers to click that buy button.

...and all in less time (and with a lot less frustration) then you ever thought possible. Just answer a few questions, fill in the blanks, and copy the completed elements into your preferred page builder. 

Add a few images and testimonials, and viola!

You have a sales page that actually converts visitors into buyers!

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BONUS: Fill-in-the blank templates for fast and easy customer support & affiliate recruitment.


Plug these copy and paste templates into your help desk for point and click customer service that keeps your buyers happy and earns you higher profits, too.


Building a team of affiliates to promote your products and services requires consistent effort. Customize these email templates for copy and paste ease.

Get instant access to
Easy Product Launch Planning: 
Checklists & Templates to Make Every Launch a Breeze

And launch your next product in record time, with minimal headaches!

 for just...


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If these checklists and templates don't make your next launch easier in any way, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

I've spent the past 11 years working full time with dozens of online marketing tools, building hundreds of funnels, and writing thousands of pages of sales copy. Here's what I've learned:

There is no magic wand that will grow your business. But there are proven strategies that--when combined with consistent action--can produce amazing results.

“Easy Product Launch Planning: Checklists & Templates to Make Every Launch a Breeze” gives you the process. The consistency is up to you. :)

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this product doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

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