The Easy Way to Create More, Experience More, and Earn More Than Ever Before (Without actually WORKING more!)

Even if your to-do list is longer than a CVS receipt, and you're in a constant state of overwhelm…

Tell me if you’ve ever said any of these things…

  • I’m too busy to do that right now (no matter what “that” is).
  • I’m so overwhelmed with everything I have to do.
  • I wish I had the time to build a business (the same one you’ve been trying to find the time to build for the last 7 years).
  • I started this business so I could have more time freedom, not less of it!

Let me be the first to tell you, you are not alone.

Virtually every business owner (or would-be business owner) has been too tired, too busy, too distracted, or just plain too overworked to not only get the must-do things done, but to even enjoy the life she’s trying to create.

I don’t know about you, but I did not start a business just so I could work more hours than my brain-draining day job demanded of me, and yet, somehow, that’s exactly what happened.

Maybe you can relate.

After quitting the 9-to-5, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that what I’d created was not a business, but another JOB. Sure, I got to hang out in my pajamas all day (or maybe I just didn’t have time to shower) and I got to stay home every day (or maybe I just couldn’t get away from my desk). I also got to take zero vacation days for seven years—and let’s face it, that’s not exactly a work-from-home success story.

None of that was what I had envisioned when I set up shop at home. Something had to give.

And that’s exactly what happened…

Hi. I’m Cindy, and I’m a reformed procrastinator turned uber-productive entrepreneur with far more free time (and a much higher income) than I ever thought possible.

I did it by following a few simple productivity tricks that anyone can learn… yes, even you.

I don’t care if your schedule is so over booked you don’t have a free moment for lunch until Mother’s Day 2022. It doesn’t matter if you have so many balls in the air it looks like you’re going for a world record.

You CAN get your schedule under control, and you CAN become a model of time management and productivity.

What’s more—I promise it will make a HUGE difference in your bottom line.

Introducing Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs

In this easy, 9-lesson course, I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step plan that will help you find the lost hours in your week, design a dream schedule youll be excited to wake up to every day, and finally get all those to-do items checked off so you can sleep at night with a clear mind and a happy conscience.

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover in these quick video lessons and their accompanying worksheets:

Lesson 1

Before You Can Improve, You Have to Identify Your Starting Point

Would you be shocked to learn that you waste—on average—3 hours per workday just on email? Do you cringe at the thought of how many hours you spend on Facebook every week? In lesson 1, we’re going to get real about where your time is actually going—because those time wasters and others like them are keeping you from reaching your goals, and the first step is to identify them so we can create a better plan for dealing with them.

Lesson 2

If Anything Were Possible, What Would Your Dream Schedule Look Like?

If you think back to when you started your business, does your workday look anything like what you envisioned? I’m guessing no, since you’re reading this sales page, so in lesson 2 I’m going to help you design a workday you love so much you won’t even call it work any more.

Lesson 3

How to Turn Big Projects Into Doable Action Items

This next step is all about kissing overwhelm goodbye. Too many people (myself included) have struggled with getting things done simply because the things are too big!

You can’t “do” a project. If you try, you will fail every time. But you can break that project up into its tiny, not-even-a-bit overwhelming parts… and tackling those is easy. 

In this lesson, I'll share my best tips for doing just that, and I've even included a handy cheat sheet to make it even easier!

Lesson 4

Setting Yourself Up For Massive Success

If you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn’t stock your pantry full of cookies and chips. Instead, you stock up on fruits and vegetables so it’s easy to make good choices. Likewise, if your goal is to be more productive, it’s a good idea to make it easy to be successful. In this lesson, I’ll share some ways you can make productivity easy, including...

  • How to make a daily plan of action you'll actually stick to.
  • How truly productive people start their workday (and it's got nothing to do with meditation or yoga or even a cup of coffee).
  • Four ways to eliminate the distractions that derail your day and make you feel like a failure.
  • Four must-do activities to end your day with intention and a sense of completion.

Lesson 5

How to Create a Trustworthy Task Management System You'll Actually Use

Those piles of sticky notes, unopened emails, and 37 browser tabs you’ve had open since 2016 are not helping you get things done. And they’re certainly not helping you to remember what you intended to do. Instead, they’re insidious reminders that you’ve forgotten something, and that something is taking up precious space in your head... space you could be using to be more creative, effective, and efficient. In lesson 5, we’ll change all of that by creating a task management system that actually works, and more importantly, that you’ll actually use.

Lesson 6

Change Your Life With Quick & Easy Weekly Planning Sessions

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re sure you’re dropping balls somewhere (if only you could remember what they are) then lesson 6 is for you. With a single planning session each week, you’ll get crystal clear on what your next steps are, you’ll know exactly when you can make them happen, and you’ll end the week with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for a job well done.

Use the included workbook to make planning a breeze!

Lesson 7

Understand Your Energy Levels to Get More Done in Less Time

Grumpy morning people might be the butt of plenty of jokes, but the truth is we all have our best and most creative hours.

Unless you know what yours are and you create a schedule that works with your body rather than against it, you’ll always feel like you’re working far too hard for too little benefit. Use this energy tracker to find the optimal times for any task, based on your unique internal clock.  

Lesson 8

Embrace Your Personal Limitations and Learn to Say No

I’m not talking about saying no to the neighbor who wants to chat or to your mom who wants to go shopping. I’m talking about saying no to yourself—and not about the fun stuff. Lesson 8 is about being realistic about what you can get done, so you can put your best work out there every single day without regret.

Lesson 9

Your Distraction-Free Focus Time

Let’s face it, most toddlers have longer attention spans than the average entrepreneur. Between the email notifications and text messages and the siren song of Facebook, how can you hope to get anything done? Lesson 9 is going to fix all of that with practical ideas for finding the focus you need to actually get the important stuff done.

Bonus Lesson

Banishing Email Overload

So many people—and this is especially true of service providers—treat email as a to-do list that others can write on. In this bonus lesson, I’ll share practical strategies for emptying that overflowing inbox, and keeping it under control in the future. This lesson alone will change the way you work and save you hours of wasted time every single week.

If you’re tired of waking up in a panic because you didn’t finish that important client project yesterday, and you’re sick of missing dinners with the family because you’re still working, and you can’t remember the last time you actually took a whole day off, then listen up.

Your life doesn’t have to look like this. You can create all the time you need for the important things in business and in life. You just need a plan. 

Here’s everything that’s included inside Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs

  • 9 in-depth video lessons packed with easy strategies to produce your best quality work, create more free time in your schedule.
  • 8 printable worksheets to help you go from theory to action. Watching the training videos is a great step, but creating your own amazingly productive day is the ultimate goal, and these worksheets are the key. 
  • Done-for-you project management Trello board to help you organize all your tasks into one easy-to-use system. No more scattered sticky notes and disjointed email threads to follow.
  • Bonus email management lesson to help you tame that out of control inbox and get back those hours of wasted time once and for all!

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs doesn't make your to-do list easier in any way, simply email me within 7 days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

About Your Marketing Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've been building six- and seven-figure online businesses for more than eleven years. I've handled copywriting and content creation, a variety of marketing technologies, and managed other team members as well as myself. 

Busy schedules, unexpected fires, and a strong desire to not be an overworked entrepreneur forced me to learn how to maximize my time and work more efficiently, and that's exactly what I'm sharing inside Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs. It's not theory or pretty ideas. It's a real action plan anyone can follow to get more done so you can get out of your office and enjoy the life you're building. 

PS: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs doesn't match up to everything I've said here, simply contact me at within 7 days of purchase, and I'll send you a full refund.

Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs

Shed the "Busy" Label and Start Getting the Right Stuff Done in Record Time

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