Turn Your Tired Old Lead Magnet Into an Eye-Catching, List-Building Asset Your Community Will Eagerly Snap Up

... And that effortlessly leads them to your paid offer!

Let's be honest.

When is the last time you dusted off your lead magnet to make sure it's still doing it's job?

Heck, when is the last time you even looked at it?

If you're like most small business owners, you're far too busy just keeping the place running to worry about whether or not your lead magnet needs an update, am I right?

Here's the problem though...

That Stale Old Lead Magnet is Not Making a Good First Impression

It might even be making you look... well, really bad.

Old lead magnets have a way of collecting broken links, outdated imagery, poor messaging, and a host of other issues that can instantly turn subscribers away.

Imagine a brand new visitor to your site.

She loves the content you create. She's your ideal customer. She downloads your best lead magnet and she instantly knows...

  • You are the expert they need right now. (The right lead magnet can do this in just minutes.)  
  • You have the solution to their biggest problems. (A good lead magnet even proves it before your new subscriber gets distracted or loses interest.)
  • You can help them achieve their biggest goals. (The best lead magnets offer a paint-by-numbers plan subscribers will happily follow.)

That's not what you'll find on most websites, where dusty old offers clutter up the site. It might even sound like a lot to ask of a simple lead magnet, but pulling it off is easier than you think when you have a plan to follow.


Lead Magnet Makeover:

Transform Your List-Building Assets to Attract Higher Quality Leads

In this step-by-step course, we'll dig into what makes a compelling lead magnet work, why yours might not be performing as well as it could, and how you can quickly and easily polish it up to provide a must-have resource that builds your subscriber list and grows your business, too.

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Here's everything that's included inside Lead Magnet Makeover...

Lesson 1: 

Five Signs Your Lead Magnet Needs a Makeover

It doesn't matter how clever or well-designed your lead magnet is. If it's not getting the results you want, it's time for a makeover.

In this lesson, we'll cover:

  • The five tell-tale lead magnet trouble spots and the damage they can do to your growing business.
  • How to quickly identify where the breakdown is so you can develop a fast fix for all but the worst offenders.
  • How to know if it's time to toss out those old favorite lead magnets in favor of a shiny new replacement.

Lesson 2: 

Choosing Your Transformative Offer

Whether you've decided to polish up those poor performing lead magnets or start from scratch with something new, the first step is to choose a transformative offer your ideal subscriber won't be able to resist.

In this lesson, we'll get to the heart of a great opt-in incentive, including...

  • The three transformations every customer wants. Lead magnets that fill one of these needs are far more likely to win subscribers and result in sales down the road.
  • How to find the clues about the struggles your ideal subscriber faces, and how you can help solve them with a simple lead magnet.
  • How to create a "north star statement" to focus your efforts and attract just the right subscriber to your list.

Lesson 3:

Understanding the Three Rules for Lead Magnet Success

The most successful lead magnets (for both you and your subscribers) achieve three things. They're easy to consume, offer real results, and bring your subscriber one step closer to making a purchase.

Achieving all three in a single lead magnet can be a challenge though, so in this lesson, I'll walk you through a simple process so you can quickly tick off all three items, including...

  • Why avoiding the "I'll read this later" stack is critical to your lead magnet success, and some simple strategies for making your content highly consumable.
  • How to ensure your subscriber gets real results from your lead magnet.
  • How to position yourself as the go-to resource for more information on your topic.

Lesson 4:

Deciding Your Ideal Format

Should you create a PDF or a video or an email course or a challenge? You have a lot of options, and each one will offer different results not only for you, but for your subscriber as well. In lesson four, we'll dig into the pros and cons of each, including...

  • The impact your format choice can have on subscriber engagement (and sales), and even on the audience you attract.
  • A clear understanding of the technology and tools required, so you can make smart decisions based on your skills and budget.
  • Delivery options that make it easy on you and your subscriber (including one that seems smart but that will backfire on you).

Lesson 5:

Offering Just the Right Amount of Content

If you've ever struggled to balance your free content against your paid offers, this lesson is for you. We'll dig into the psychology of free offers, and how they work to turn subscribers into buyers, as well as...

  • A simple formula that makes knowing how much information to include easy and intuitive.
  • Why it makes sense to give away your very best content. (And why they'll still buy even if you do.)
  • How to give your subscriber exactly what he or she needs, while still leaving them wanting more

Lesson 6:

Crafting a Compelling Call to Action

Every lead magnet has a job to do. It has to earn its keep, and that's what your call to action is all about. When you get this right, your new subscribers turn into buyers, and your buyers turn into fans.

In this lesson, we'll look at...

  • The three most common calls to action so you can choose the one that matches your business goals as well as your new subscribers' comfort level.
  • How to word your calls to action so they get clicks instead of crickets.
  • How (and where) to include calls to action no matter what format your lead magnet takes.

Lesson 7:

Lead Magnet Titles That Get Clicks

Even the most life-changing lead magnet won't convert browsers into subscribers with a bland title. In this lesson, we'll dig into what makes an irresistible title and by the end, you'll have...

  • A click-worthy title for your new or refreshed lead magnet that entices visitors to click that subscribe button.
  • An easy, rinse-and-repeat system for creating captivating titles for anything in just minutes.
  • A toolbox of resources you can use to conjure up compelling subject lines and other short copy quickly (even if you think you can't write).


Implementation Videos

Get 2+ additional hours of training from Kelly McCausey, where she and the members of her community demonstrate...

  • The creative ways they've transformed done-for-you content into brand new resources they're using to grow their mailing lists.   
  • How Kelly quickly turns pre-written content into a lead magnet that serves her audience. 
  • How to create "top of the funnel" assets using PLR that drive traffic to your lead magnets. 

Here’s everything that’s included inside Lead Magnet Makeover:

  • 7 video lessons, complete with audio downloads and full transcripts so you can easily access the training whenever and wherever you want, in the way that works best for you.
  • Printable lesson workbooks to help you easily learn and apply the concepts, so you can quickly breathe new life into those tired old lead magnets.
  • Bonus video training from Kelly McCausey to help you quickly create a new lead magnet when you start with done-for-you content (plus an exclusive coupon to get you started.)
  • AND answers to your lead magnet questions, too! Just post a question on any lesson where you're feeling stuck, and I'll pop in with an answer for you, typically in less than 24 hours.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If Lead Magnet Makeover doesn't in any way help you create a more compelling opt-in offer, simply email me for a prompt, courteous refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for (fill in your business model here)? 

Yes! It doesn't matter what business you're in, you need great lead magnets to grow your list, and the systems for designing compelling offers are the same whether you're a coach or a course creator, a freelancer or a software developer.

Do I need to be using any specific software for this to work? 

No. This course is about designing a compelling lead magnet in whatever format you choose, so you can work with the software you already know and love.

I'm a Six-Figure Systems member. Should I buy this?

Nope! This one is already in your member's area. :)

How is this training delivered?

This is a video course, so you can log into the member's area and watch when it's convenient for you. Plus, we offer full transcripts and audio downloads if you prefer those formats instead.

Is this PLR (private label rights) content?

No, these resources are for your personal use only. You may not repurpose or resell them, or give them away to your clients or others. Virtual assistants, freelancers and others MAY use the strategies they learn to improve client projects.

What if I decide this course just isn't for me? Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! We have a generous 7-day, no questions asked refund policy. Just send us an email and we'll process a refund if this course is not a fit for your business.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach me and my team by emailing helper@cindybidar.com. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

About Your Lead Magnet Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've been helping to build email lists for coaches, course creators, and product sellers for more than a decade, and I've grown my own list from just a handful of subscribers to more than 8,000 in just three years.

But numbers don't tell the whole story. With lead magnets, what matters is turning those subscribers into buyers, and that's what I'm teaching inside Lead Magnet Makeover. It's my own personal process I use to review and revise my opt-in offers so I can attract just the right subscribers and serve them well.

Profitable funnels are proof the system works, and it's something you can replicate in any business.

I'll show you how inside Lead Magnet Makeover.

Lead Magnet Makeover

Transform Your List-Building Assets to Attract Higher Quality Leads

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