Tired of chasing new clients, spending hours on product creation, and working ALL THE TIME just to grow your business?

Discover the EASY way to leverage your existing assets to earn more without working harder!

Savvy, successful business owners all have one thing in common: They know exactly what they earn every month, and they understand how to increase that number on demand. 

Not because they possess any secret wisdom. Not because they've been in business for decades. And certainly not because they're more skilled or special than the rest of us. 

Smart business owners know that the key to more income is a simple two-step process:

Identify what's working and create a plan for making it even better. Improve or eliminate the rest. 

"More" is Rarely the Answer

There's a common misconception among business owners that goes something like this...

"If only I had more traffic, I'd be successful." Or, "If only I had more email subscribers, then I could really make some money." Or, "If only I had more products to sell, I'd be able to pay my bills." 

But the truth is, it's not about more. Creating more of anything takes work. More is hard. More is a long game. 

Worth it, for sure, but it's not the first choice for a smart, conversion-focused online business owner. 

Leverage is where the magic happens. That's what turns struggling solopreneurs into six-figure businesses. 

You're One Tweak Away From Increasing Your Income

That's what leverage is all about. 

Your online business income is predictable. When you know where to look for the clues, you can know right down to the dollar how much you'll earn this month and next month and the month after that. 

And once you understand how those clues work, you can change them. Suddenly, funding your next vacation or buying a new car or investing in a new home becomes a simple matter of changing a sales page headline or moving a call-to-action button to a better location. From there, it's easy to rinse and repeat for infinite scale and sustainable success. 

All you need to know to get started is what the numbers mean...

A License to Print Money:

How to Decode a Few Key Stats and Give Yourself a Fat Pay Raise

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You already have everything you need to dramatically increase your income... you just need to know where to look. In A License to Print Money, I'll give you the tools to:

  • Improve your product sales without chasing more traffic
  • Boost your affiliate commissions even if your email subscriber list feels stagnant
  • Convert more subscribers into customers without creating more products

Lesson 1:

How to Fall in Love With Your Numbers

I know, it can seem pretty outrageous to think you might actually learn to like looking at numbers, but I promise you this - once you understand what they mean and how they impact your bottom line, you WILL learn to love them. 

In this lesson, you'll discover...

  • The two key areas every online business owner must monitor. If you do nothing else, being aware of these metrics alone will have a huge impact on your profits
  • How to easily determine which products to promote to your audience and which ones to avoid, and why price alone is the worst predictor of profits.
  • How tiny increases in just a couple of critical metrics add up to a big boost in your profits... and which levers to tweak to get there. 

Lesson 2: 

What and How to Track

The last thing we want is to be overwhelmed by numbers, so in this lesson, I make it easy to decide what to track and super fast to actually do it. Invest just 5 minutes each day and you'll be ahead of 98% of your competitors, and well on your way to sustainable, increased profits. 

In this lesson, I'll share...

  • A business-goal setting decision matrix to help you identify exactly which metrics to focus on. Tracking the wrong things not only won't help you grow, but it could also actually hurt your income, so don't skip this step!
  • My personal list of 28 metrics online business owners need to know, including what they mean and why it matters to you. A quick review of this list will instantly tell you what you need to track to meet your business goals.
  • 4 tracking calculators in both Excel and Google Sheets format. Just drop your numbers in the appropriate fields, and you'll instantly have a clear picture of the changes you can make to improve your profit margins.

Lesson 3: 

Create Your Can't-Miss Marketing Plan

It's not enough to just add some numbers to a spreadsheet. Sure, those numbers will tell you where you're at right now, but your goal as a business owner is to make strategic decisions (and more money) based on the data. 

In this lesson, I'll walk you through exactly how to decide which elements of your business deserve your attention first, then create a snowball plan that continues to grow far beyond the energy you invest. 

Lesson 4: 

Your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tracking Plan

No one wants to spend all day staring at spreadsheets, and with this easy action plan, you don't have to. In lesson 4, I'll share my personal Trello board and tracking checklists so you can...

  • Be the CEO your business needs right now... even if you've been actively avoiding the numbers so long you don't even know where to begin.
  • Quickly identify the profitable opportunities you've been missing. Just 5 minutes each morning gives you all the insight you need when you follow this plan.
  • Begin each month with a money-making plan. No more seat-of-your-pants marketing that only works part of the time.

Here's everything that's included in A License To Print Money

  • 4 multi-media lessons transform complex and sometimes overwhelming data into easy-to-understand metrics every online business owner can use to dramatically increase their income--without creating more products, attracting a larger audience, or working more hours! 
  • 5 custom trackers and income predictors give you the tools you need to finally leverage your existing assets into a bigger paycheck month after month and year after year! 
  • 5 printable worksheets and checklists help you clarify your goals, find the money to achieve them, and make the easy changes that will get you there! 
A License to Print Money Cover
  • A fully configured Trello board to help you organize your tracking project and stay on task--all in less than 5 minutes per day!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If A License to Print Money doesn't in any way help you increase your sales or earn higher profits, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just getting started. How can A License to Print Money help me?

Yes! Now is the BEST time to gain a clear understanding of your business data. You'll be miles ahead of your competition and able to make profitable business decisions with ease right from the start!

I'm an advanced marketer earning a good living. Is there anything here for me?

Absolutely! You're in a great position to take advantage of this course by better leveraging the products you already sell, growing your mailing list, and dialing up your profit margins in every area of your business. 

Will this work for [fill in your business model here]?

If your business has an online presence, this training will work for you. It's all about increasing your income simply by reading the clues the data leaves behind, and making strategic changes for predictable results.

What if I get stuck?

In every one of my courses, I encourage questions so you'll never be left wondering what to do next. You can ask right on the page, or join my private forum and start a new thread there.

About Your Marketing Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've been building 6- and 7-figure online businesses for almost 11 years, and one thing I've learned in all that time is that the most successful business owners find ways to work smarter, so they don't have to work harder.

The key? Understanding how to leverage what you have to earn more without creating more. That's what gives you a real "License to Print Money." 

In this course, I'm sharing the tools and strategies top marketers use every day to grow their business, and you can, too! I'll show you how. 

A License To Print Money

How to Decode a Few Key Stats and Give Yourself a Fat Pay Raise

Available today for just...


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