How to Always Have Financial Security in Your Business

The first time it happened, I sat down at my desk and cried.

My biggest client—and about half of my monthly income—just canceled his contract. It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, really. His business was changing, and I was no longer needed.

It still hurt like hell, and my first response was panic. How would we pay the bills? Where would I find another client (or several) to fill that gaping hole in my budget?

Maybe you can relate?

That was early on in my business, and over the years I’ve faced that same situation multiple times.

  • Big tax bills we didn’t quite expect
  • Clients we parted ways with for a variety of reasons
  • Product launches that fizzled

There are hundreds of events that can—and will—toss a monkey wrench into your income plans. If you’re in business long enough, eventually you’ll face a month where the ends just don’t meet, and you’ll need to find a way through.

Successful Business Owners Have a Backup Plan

First, know this: There is no shame in coming up a little short. It’s part of doing business. Ask anyone from your local landscaper to Jeff Bezos, and they’ll tell you about a time (or several) when their cash flow felt more like a trickle, and they worried if they would still be in business next month.

Here’s what smart business owners do though. They make a plan. They take action to identify the weaknesses in their financial future, and get serious about making a fix. They know how to bring in extra cash when it’s needed, and they work the plan.

Then they make sure it never happens again.

That’s what Foolproof Financial Recovery is all about. It’s about getting you out of anxiety and panic so you can feel relief in knowing that you’ll get through this—and not just right now, but next time, too.

Because there’s almost always a next time. That’s just the cost of doing business.

The How Entrepreneurs Create Financial Freedom

True financial security doesn't come from having a job with a regular paycheck. That creates a false feeling of safety with a belief that money will always be there at the end of the week. 

Until it isn't. 

But small business owners who know how to make money on demand, recover quickly from financial setbacks, and create a strategic plan for the future have power over their finances that no employee will ever have. 

That's security, and it's something every small business owner has, even if right now you're feeling the pinch. 

Foolproof Financial Recovery is here to help you find your way out of a financial trouble spot, and put systems in place to ensure it never happens again.

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Here's What We'll Cover Inside Foolproof Financial Recovery

Lesson 1: 

Facing Your Finances Without Fear

The key to getting out of any financial dilemma with as few bruises as possible lies in fully understanding just how bad it is, because chances are, it’s not as bad as you think.  

We’ll start by getting crystal clear on your your money situation right now, as well as where it’s headed. By the end of lesson one, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing:

  • How much you really need to get back on stable ground and not feel stressed out all the time.
  • Critical deadlines you must be aware of (and how to avoid missing them).
  • The potential consequences of missing deadlines, so you can decide without panic whether you’re willing to accept them.

Lesson 2: 

Financial Triage

Here’s what I know from working with dozens of small business owners over the years—most of them do not know exactly what they spend from month to month. I’ve had clients tell me (after years of paying my monthly invoices) that they don’t know how much I charge. I’ve had customers admit they didn’t know they’d been paying me for the past 7 months.

I’ve even found recurring bills in my own credit card statement that I’d long since forgotten about.

When profits are high, that’s not so painful. But when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging. That starts with figuring out exactly what you’re spending.

In this lesson, I’ll help you get clear on:

  • The difference between “mission-critical” spending and “nice to have” (plenty of small business owners get this wrong, and it costs them).
  • 4 ways to reduce your overhead without working more hours or lowering your output.
  • Expenses vs. Investments—just understanding this distinction makes decision making easier when it comes time to cut expenses.

Lesson 3:

Leveraging Existing Assets for Quick Cash

Sometimes what you really need is a quick influx of cash, and that’s what we’re going to make happen in the next few lessons. We’ll start by taking inventory of your salable assets, and discovering some creative ways to turn them into fast profits.

I’ll give you step-by-step plans for:

  • Polishing up those dusty old courses and products for re-release to eager new buyers.
  • Building brand new products from the ones you already have completed.
  • Creating a buzz around an existing product with flash or fire sales.

What if you don’t have a product to sell? No problem. We’ll also dig into ways you can leverage your skills by offering:

  • One-to-one coaching or consulting
  • Done-for-you or done-with-you work.

Of course, leveraging your existing assets will only work if you get lots of eyes on your offers, so we’ll also look at several ways you can leverage your relationships to get your offers in front of more potential buyers.

Lesson 4:

How to Sell Future Assets

One tried-and-true money maker is selling future assets, and in this lesson we’ll dig into the dos and some really big don’ts of this strategy for shoring up your cash reserves.  

We’ll look at…

  • Three popular offers you can pull together in a weekend… even if you’ve never sold a digital product before.
  • How to generate ideas for products your customers will eagerly buy (because you don’t have time for trial-and-error marketing right now).
  • How to enlist the help of friends and colleagues for an even bigger impact (and a built-in marketing team, too).

Lesson 5:

Doing Work You Don't Love

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, even when you don't like it. It might be the thing that gets you out of hot water. In this lesson we’ll take a hard look at some quick cash methods you might not have considered, including...

  • The number one mistake I see small biz owners make when they're facing a rough patch. If you simply do this one thing, I promise any financial friction you're feeling will go away quickly.
  • 18 ideas for in-demand skills you can leverage. As an online business owner, chances are good you are an expert in at least half of these areas, so don't make the mistake of thinking you don't have any skills to sell. 
  • Four places you can find freelance work, even if you've never worked with clients before and don't have a portfolio to show off. 

Lesson 6:

Future-Proofing Your Cash Flow

Now that you’re out of hot water, it’s time to make sure you never end up there again, and that means future-proofing your finances. In this lesson, we’re going to look at ways you can be prepared—and no, it’s not just about hoarding cash for a rainy day (although that helps, too).

We’ll look at…

  • How smart business owners get caught short when the unexpected happens, and how you can be prepared next time (because there’s always a next time).
  • How to establish a business budget (even if you hate spreadsheets).
  • Four types of savings accounts you must have (including one that’s just for fun) and how to allocate funds to each.


Video Interview with Small Business Attorney Pam Hamilton

In this one-hour interview, attorney Pam Hamilton helps clear the confusion around:

  • Business structures like LLCs, C-Corps, and sole-proprietorship (it’s not as confusing as it seems).
  • The tax benefits of various structures (if an unexpected tax bill brought you here, you’re going to want to pay attention to this).
  • The requirements of each business structure (because if you get this wrong, you might find yourself in even hotter water).

Get Off the Financial Roller Coaster

The tools and strategies inside Foolproof Financial Recovery arent just for when youre in trouble. They’re designed to help you avoid those trouble spots in the first place. When you have a plan, you’re in control of your finances rather than feeling you’re at the whim of a changing world economy or a client who’s had a bad day.

You’ll be able to approach your business proactively so you can grow, rather than always reacting to a new emergency or financial shortfall.

Here’s Everything That's Included Today

  • Six video lessons with transcripts and audio downloads so you can learn at your own pace and in the format that works best for you.
  • Fillable PDF workbook you can print or fill in from your laptop as you follow along with each lesson.
  • Business budget spreadsheet to help you get clear on your income, your expenses, and your financial goals.
  • Lesson checklists to make it easy for you to implement the strategies you’re learning.
  • BONUS: Video interview with attorney Pam Hamilton to help you get crystal clear on business structure and finances.
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About Your Income Coach

Cindy Bidar

I’ve been running a successful online business for nine years. I’ve seen the financial ups and downs that self-employment can create, and I’ve worked with hundreds of online business owners to brainstorm ideas for creating quick cash, helped to plan and launch quick products and courses, and developed safety nets so cash flow is never an issue again.

Whether you’ve found yourself in a bit of a pickle thanks to a drop in business, or you just want to be well prepared for the possibility, Foolproof Financial Recovery will get you there.

Foolproof Financial Recovery

A 6-Step Plan for Cash-Strapped Small Businesses

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