Make Sales Every Day of the Year With This Hands-Free, Automated Funnel That Leverages the Best Parts of a Live Launch for Increased Profits With Less Work

I have a love/hate relationship with product launches. Maybe you do, too. 

As a product creator, launching is a big part of your success. That's why you invest hours creating content, carefully consider your launch day so as not to be overshadowed by a competitor's launch, then test and re-test and test again to make sure your buy buttons and coupons and upsells all work. 

With a live launch, you only get one chance, so there's no room for error. 

We do all that (and more) because a well-run launch can bring in a nice chunk of money over just a few days. 

Unless, of course, your copy doesn't convert or your topic isn't popular or your emails don't get opened. Then you're left feeling like you've wasted a month or more and have nothing to show for it. 

That's the dark side of product launches. By the time you realize your carefully planned campaigns aren't working, it's too late to pivot.

That's not the only problem they have though.

When Your Live Launch Window is Over, Sales Plummet

If you have more than two or three digital products in your catalog, you've probably noticed a sad reality. Those older products rarely make sales.

Sure, you bring them out once or twice each year for re-promotion, and you link to some of them inside your funnels, and you probably even have some social media promos on rotation. That's what all smart marketers do.

But let's face it. For the most part, those older products sit quietly and wait to be discovered.

That's not a very profitable way to run a digital product business. It's also not in service of your audience, since it means new subscribers are unlikely to ever see all those buried treasures they could be making use of.

I was in the same boat, and then it hit me.

What if I could recreate the energy of the initial launch, without devoting an entire week of my email calendar to it every time? Better still, what if I could make sure that the people who were most interested in the content actually had the opportunity to buy it, even months or years after its release? 

Enter the Evergreen Launch System

This strategy has allowed me to create hands-free funnels that leverage the very best pieces of live launches, without...

  • Taking up precious promotional time in my already full calendar (while still making irresistible offers to the segment of my subscribers who are ready to buy).
  • Burning out my audience by promoting the same thing over and over again (not to mention freeing up time for other offers).
  • Constantly creating new content to drive traffic and sales of existing products.
  • All the stress and coordination of efforts live launching requires.

It's truly the best of both worlds, and in The Six-Figure Evergreen Launch System, I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly how it's done.

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Module 1: 

Live Launches vs. Evergreen Funnels

Live launching is sexy and exciting... or at least it looks that way from the outside. But when you're in the trenches, a live launch can be a hair-pulling, headache-inducing pressure cooker of an event, so why do we do it? 

Well, because (sometimes) it works.

In this module, we’ll dig into…

  • The buzz-building elements no live launch can be without (and why they can cause so much stress for product creators). 
  • Three huge issues every live launch suffers from, and that every product seller must simply "live with" if they choose to go this route.
  • What no live-launch proponent will tell you about the true costs of creating all that sexy energy that drives sales (HINT: it's a whole lot more than just money—although there's plenty of that involved, too).
  • Four oh-so-compelling reasons why evergreen funnels are the prefered choice among lifestyle conscious entrepreneurs.
  • The dead-simple strategy that lets you cherry pick the best of both methods and combine them into one profitable, hands-free, evergreen launch funnel that makes sales every single day

Module 2: 

Two Easy Tactics for Creating Your Evergreen Launch Funnel

Now that you know which pieces of each launch style can fit together seamlessly for passive profits, it's time to start building the elements of your evergreen launch funnel. 

I've got you covered with two simple plans to follow, including:

  • An in-depth look at an evergreen launch timeline, with a step-by-step flowchart that makes visualizing your funnel flow easy.  
  • Three must-have pieces every evergreen launch includes, as well as a few "nice to have" elements that help increase engagement, drive traffic, and make sales.  
  • A step-by-step plan to transform your live launch assets into an evergreen launch (with a few "gotchas" you'll want to watch out for along the way).  

Module 3:

Create Your Evergreen Launch Assets

Module 3 is where the magic happens. In these four easy-to-follow lessons and accompanying worksheets, you'll discover...

  • The three criteria your opt-in offer must meet to make your evergreen launch a success. (If you miss the first one, your conversion rate will suffer, so don't skip this lesson!)
  • The dead-simple technique that saves hours of time creating a compelling lead magnet (you'll use this all the time once you know the trick). 
  • How to use your blog to drive highly-targeted traffic (i.e. buyers) into your evergreen launch funnel with ease
  • A sample email sequence so you can see how easy it is to create urgency and capitalize on FOMO even in an evergreen funnel.
  • What you must know about discounts and bonuses inside an evergreen launch (it's not as easy as it appears, but I have a trick or two to simplify the process).
  • How to simulate the "cart close" deadline that makes live launches so successful. This simple trick will have you questioning every live launch you see from now on.  

Module 4:

Build Out Your Evergreen Launch Funnel

With four over-the-shoulder videos, module four ensures you'll never get bogged down in those techy trouble spots. 

I'll demonstrate exactly how I...

  • Create eye-catching countdown timers that remind subscribers of the deadline at every turn. (Yes, even in their email, where a timer increases my sales by as much as 300%!
  • Coordinate follow-up funnel emails with a countdown clock that expires right on schedule—exactly as a live launch does (but you won't have to be awake at midnight to turn off the sales page).  
  • Set up the autoresponder service to "talk to" the countdown timer, so every subscriber has a unique expiration date.
  • Use a clever tool to create eye-catching pop-ups that add to the FOMO.  

Module 5:

Test, Tweak, and Scale

By far the biggest advantage an evergreen launch funnel holds over its live launch cousin is your ability to optimize it for maximum profits. 

In this module, we'll take a look at the numbers that really matter, including...

  • What most entrepreneurs get wrong when it comes to watching the stats... and what to look for instead.
  • How to know if your conversion rates suck... this simple idea might surprise you. 
  • The proper way to run a split test. If you get this wrong, you'll end up with useless data that won't improve your results.  
  • Advanced scaling strategies you can simply rinse and repeat for ongoing evergreen launch success! 

A Start-to-Finish Plan Made for Information Products, Digital Courses, and Done-for-You Content

By the time you’ve finished The Six-Figure Evergreen Launch System, you’ll have…

  • A full understanding of how evergreen launches work, including timelines and technology.
  • Worksheets, checklists, and a done-for-you Trello board to make organizing your next evergreen launch easy and confusion free.
  • Sample emails and content ideas to help create a compelling launch sequence that makes sales.
  • Easy repurposing tips for transforming your live launch assets into evergreen profit centers. 
  • Advanced strategies for higher conversions, more profits, and less work. 

Here’s everything that’s included in
The Six-Figure Evergreen Launch System

  • Sixteen comprehensive lessons to walk you through every piece of the plan, from concept to completed evergreen launch funnel! You’ll learn the pros (and cons) of discounts and bonus structures, plus how to leverage the tech you already use for hands free sales every single day.
  •  Five over-the-shoulder video tutorials demonstrating exactly how to set up your evergreen launch funnel, so you won’t be left with a lot of theory and no implementation.
  • Two fillable worksheets to help plan your evergreen launch funnel, so nothing gets missed.
  • Five checklists to make quick work of every step and eliminate the need to read through the course again next time you want to build an evergreen launch.
  • Sample emails, a launch timeline flowchart, and a done-for-you Trello board make it easy to follow along with the training and create your own workflows.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If The Six-Figure Evergreen Launch Funnel System doesn't in any way help you leverage automation for higher profits, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund. 

About Your Funnel Coach

Cindy Bidar

I've been building 6- and 7-figure online businesses for almost 10 years, and here's what I've learned: The more you automate, the more you'll earn... and you'll do it with a lot less effort. 

Evergreen launch funnels are automation at its best. They combine the best of live launches with hands-free funnel into one must-have tool for any serious product seller. I've been using them in my business for years, and for the first time, I'm sharing my systems with you. 

The Six-Figure Evergreen Launch Funnel System

Advanced Strategies to Sell Your Products on Autopilot

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