Expand Your Reach, Establish Your Expertise, and Connect With Your Community in a New and Profitable Way

That’s the power of podcasting, and if you’ve ever considered starting one of your own, you’re in the right place

You already know that podcasting is an incredible way to increase your visibility and grow your business. You may have even heard that after publishing just a few episodes, you can look forward to…

  • Building a stronger connection with your community. Simply hearing your voice week after week offers listeners a faster path to that “know, like, and trust” factor that’s so important in today’s online business world. Few content mediums have this kind of impact with so little effort.
  • Establishing your expertise and cementing your place as a leader in your niche. Even better, podcasting is the perfect choice for camera-shy entrepreneurs and self-professed technophobes who are looking for more visibility.
  • Attracting new fans, subscribers, and customers. It’s true: Podcast fans are continually in search of new voices to learn from, which makes it easy for a well-positioned, professional podcast to quickly gain traction.

But here’s what you might not know about podcasting in 2023

  • There’s far less competition (when compared to blogs or YouTube), which means more opportunities to be found by your ideal customer.
  • Podcast listenership continues to grow, with more than 467 million people worldwide tuning in to their favorite episodes, a number that’s nearly double what it was just four years ago.
  • Influencers and industry leaders are quick to reach out to book appearances on new shows—even when you don’t have many listeners of your own yet.

Clearly, podcasting ticks all the content marketing boxes, but…

Isn’t it hard to start a podcast?

What about the expensive equipment you have to buy, or complex editing tools, and what’s the deal with podcast directories? Is this really introvert and technophobe friendly?

And how can you choose the right format and media host and music? Do you even need music? How do all these pieces fit together to form a podcast people can download and listen to?

If you’ve put off launching your podcast because you’re still wondering about these and a thousand other questions, you’ll be glad to know the answers are just minutes away.

Let’s begin with this…

Starting a podcast is easier than ever before

Just a few years ago, launching a podcast was a technical headache for all but the most dedicated content creators. Today, everything has changed.

New and improved tools make recording and publishing as easy as editing a Google doc. With just a bit of knowledge, even inexpensive microphones can make you sound like a pro. And best of all, getting your podcast into the ears of your ideal customer is as easy as copy and paste.

These are just a few of the ways podcasting has improved over the years, and that’s what makes now the perfect time for you to finally launch your brand-building show.

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What Cindy's students say about her courses

One of the things I appreciate about your training is that it is very logically set out in steps. This is the best investment I've made. I suddenly had a lot of clarity about where my strengths were, how to approach setting up and implementing a marketing plan, and the overwhelm and bewildered feelings disappeared. I am writing a 3 month plan this weekend and am confident I can achieve goals.
Cindy is very direct, and says a lot with few words, is very well thought out.

Marie Hansen

Lesson 1:

An Introduction to Podcasting

Just how effective is podcasting when it comes to marketing your business? We’ll find out in this lesson as we take a look at some current numbers, including…

  • Podcast listener stats, and where they’re likely to hear you for the first time (this is critical when it comes to choosing where you’ll distribute your show).
  • Enlightening publisher stats that might surprise you (spoiler alert: the podcasting space is not as crowded as you might think).
  • Why podcasting continues to grow in popularity, and why right now is the best time for you to ride that wave.

Lesson 2: 

The Power of Podcasting for Digital Marketers

Not all content marketing is created equally. Podcasts have incredible reach, and offer a unique method for building that all-important “know, like, and trust” factor we’re always hearing about.

In this lesson, you’ll learn…

  • The one thing podcasts have that no other content platform can give you (and why it’s so critical for building trust with your audience).
  • How podcasting compares to other content mediums, and why you might want to spend more time creating audio content than other formats.
  • How you can start earning from your podcast immediately, even if you only have a handful of regular listeners.

Lesson 3: 

Must-Have Podcasting Tools

It’s true, you will need some equipment to create your podcast, but it’s not nearly as costly (or complicated) as you might think. In fact, you might already have most of what you need to get started.

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at my recommendations for…

  • The best, low-cost hardware to make you sound like a pro (and make no mistake, audio quality is crucial to your success).
  • Audio hosts that offer top-notch service without breaking the bank (and why you should resist the urge to use “free” options).
  • The software that makes it all work, including audio recording and editing apps, must-have plugins for your WordPress website, and how to launch a new podcast even if you don't yet have a website of your own.

Lesson 4: 

Planning Ahead for Podcasting Success

Launching a profitable podcast comes down to proper planning, so in this lesson we’re going to dig into the decisions you need to make ahead of time to make your podcasting journey smoother.

You’ll learn…

  • Two types of podcast formats to consider, along with the pros and cons of each (as well as why I highly recommend one over the other).
  • Six traits your podcast name should have (get this right, and it will be so much easier to promote and grow your podcast, as well as track your results).
  • How to write branded intros and outros for your episodes (and where to hire voice over artists if you don’t want to manage this yourself).
  • How to create eye-catching cover art for your podcast with nothing but free tools you probably already use (no graphic design skills required, I promise).
  • How podcast directories work, where to list your show for maximum exposure, and why it’s safe to ignore 98% of them (even some you think are important).

Lesson 5: 

Your Podcast Production Workflow

More than any other content platform, podcasting demands a consistent publication schedule. When you show up week after week, your audience will grow, it’s almost guaranteed. What’s worse, inconsistent scheduling is a top reason for listeners to abandon your show. 

If you worry you won’t be able to keep up, lesson five is for you, because in it I’ll share…

  • The templates I use to make writing episode scripts and show notes fast and easy (yes, you can copy and paste these into your own workflow, just by changing out my details for yours).
  • Pre-written calls to action you can plug and play into your own podcast episodes to help grow your audience, increase your email subscribers, and make more sales, too.
  • How to record and edit your own show (it’s much easier than you think).
  • How to quickly create and share transcripts of your episodes (plus how to easily monetize them).
  • Three ways to take a break when you need to, without losing subscribers. (If you worry you’ll never again be able to take a vacation, this is for you.)

Lesson 6: 

Interview Show Basics

Interviewing others on your podcast is a popular strategy. You get to meet interesting people and introduce your audience to new voices as well. Managing an interview show comes with its own unique challenges though.

In this lesson, you’ll learn a practical workflow to make managing interview easier, including…

  • Where to find new guests for your show (and what to avoid).
  • Tools to use to make the booking, interviewing, and promotional processes smoother.
  • What potential guests need to know about you and your show before they say yes.
  • How to handle cold interview requests from others.
  • A practical mindset shift to make it easier to reach out to those you don’t know.

Lesson 7: 

Promotional Strategies for Podcasters

The best way to kickstart your podcast success is to get the word out early and often. In this lesson, we’ll look at the best ways to promote your new show to your existing audience, as well as practical strategies to try when your audience is still small.

You’ll discover…

  • My top three methods for getting more eyes on every episode you publish.
  • How to republish your show on other platforms for even greater reach with no additional effort.
  • How to launch your new show with a bang for an immediate spike in listenership that can carry you forward. 

Lesson 8: 

Measuring Your Podcast Success

Podcast stats are notoriously useless, so how can you know if your efforts are working? In this lesson, I’ll share with you exactly what I’m doing to…

  • Track new email subscribers who come through the podcast (this is an easy tip that few podcasters do, and it works like a charm).
  • Accurately measure the profitability of the podcast (I only wish I’d figured this out sooner).
  • Look for trends and other valuable data that can lead to more listeners, more impact, and more profits, too.

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What Cindy's students say about her courses

I loved the high valued videos. The email sequence are awesome, I literally started to revamp and implemented them already. Looking forward to adding a focus group to my membership.

Shayla Peterson

Here’s everything you’re getting when you purchase Amplify Your Brand today:

  • 8 video lessons complete with chapter markers, transcripts, captions, and audio-only downloads, so you can study at your own pace and in the way that makes sense for you. You’ll have full access for as long as you need.
  • Printable lesson workbooks to help you plan, strategize, and implement what you learn. You’ll find helpful checklists, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, resource guides, and decision making help, all in one convenient package. Nothing is left to chance.
  • 3 done-for-you podcast management Trello boards to help you launch, manage, and grow your podcast with ease.
  • Pre-written email templates, show notes template, and podcast format template to make it easy to manage all the moving parts of your podcast so you can stay consistent in your publishing schedule. 
  • PLUS—Answers to all your podcasting questions are just a click away. If anything isn’t clear, or you aren’t sure you’re on the right path, post a question on any lesson page and I’ll pop back in with my response.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If Amplify Your Brand doesn't in any way help you gain more visibility for your business, simply email me within seven days for a prompt, courteous refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t podcasting overdone? Is there still room for a new show to gain traction?

The short answer is yes, absolutely! It’s true that there are a lot of podcasts out there, but there are also many, many more podcast listeners who crave new voices and new ideas. Plus, you’ll find that podcasts have a lot less competition than other platforms, such as blogging or YouTube.

Will this work for (fill in your business model here)?

If you run a business of any kind, podcasting can be a terrific source of new leads, new email subscribers, and new customers.

I already have a thriving business. Is there anything here for me? 

More experienced business owners are always on the lookout for new traffic sources, and podcasting fits the bill. If you don’t yet have a podcast, this is the training you need to get started.

What if I’m brand new?

Podcasting is easy to manage once you put a few simple systems in place. You don’t need a lot of fancy (read: expensive) equipment to get started, making it ideal for new business owners without a lot of cash to invest.

What about advertisers? Will you teach me to sell ads on my show? 

No. Amplify Your Brand is about gaining visibility for your existing businesses. It’s not a course about how to turn a podcast into a business of its own, so I won’t be teaching how to attract or manage advertisers to your show.

Do I have to use Trello? 

Nope! Many of my students love the done-for-you Trello boards that come with my courses, but it Trello’s not your thing, that’s ok. You can take the checklists and add them to your own project management system.

I'm a Six-Figure Systems member. Should I buy this?  

Nope! This course is already in your members area. You’ll find it on your Six-Figure Systems dashboard.

How is this training delivered?

You can access the video training and downloadable resources immediately inside our secure members access area. You’ll receive an email with login details when you register.

Is this PLR (private label rights) content?

No, this training is for your personal use only. You may not repurpose or resell it, or give it away to your clients or others. Virtual assistants, freelancers and others MAY use the strategies they learn to improve client projects.

What if I decide this course just isn't for me? Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! We have a generous 7-day, no questions asked refund policy. Just email us at helper@cindybidar.com and we'll process a refund if this course is not a fit for your business.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach me and my team by emailing helper@cindybidar.com. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

What Cindy's students say about her courses

I so enjoyed Cindy's straight-forward training that offers easily implemented advice. I also loved all the of worksheets that come with the videos! It will be so nice to have them to guide me. Her team was easy to work with and quick to respond!

Kassie Hanson


About your podcasting coach

Cindy Bidar

I’ve been building 6- and 7-figure businesses since 2010, and content marketing has always been a part of my story… if a rather inconsistent part.

I’ve blogged. I’ve Facebooked. I’ve Instagrammed. Nothing ever seemed to “stick” for me though, until I tried podcasting. This is the content marketing strategy that’s easy to be consistent with, that brings me new clients, and that grows my email list.

My only regret is that I waited so long to get started. My hope is that you won’t look back later and think the same thing.

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