How to Fill Your Funnel: A Blogging Game Plan to Grow Your List & Income Fast – Cindy Bidar

The Simple, Proven Blogging Strategy That Builds Your List & Makes You More Passive Income With Consistent, Targeted Opt-Ins

Even if your other list-building efforts haven't paid off!

It’s the gold medal of every online marketer: get daily, targeted subscribers into your content marketing funnel who ​buy what you offer... automatically​.

Truth be known… most aren’t satisfied with their results. Are you?

Which of these (true) statements best describes you?

  • I have a blog, but I’m not really using it ​for list building or passive income.
  • I have ​little to no traffic to my blog.
  • I don’t really use any specific plan for my content marketing funnel.
  • I’m not sure what to put in my funnel.
  • My funnel is built and uses an enticing freebie, but nobody bites.
  • I’ve run Facebook (or other) ads that didn’t work. I’m tired of losing money.
  • I find the funnel tech stuff confusing, overwhelming and time-consuming.
  • I have lots of traffic and all the funnel pieces, but I’m not sure how to fit ​everything together for best results.

Let’s be honest. It’s getting harder to capture attention. How many ads, offers and freebies do you see on any given day as you click around the ‘Net? Exactly!

And how many do YOU respond to?

On the other hand, how many times have you clicked a link for a blog post that you read? What’s the difference? One is marketing and the other is information.

An overwhelming 96% of visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy anything (yet), according to Marketo.

Content marketing gets 3 times more leads than paid search advertising. Content Marketing Institute

​By contrast, 95% of buyers chose a vendor that provided content to navigate each stage of the buying process (Demand Gen Report).

Plus... nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (The Annuitas Group).

It’s clear that ​a combination of content & email marketing is still the best way to reach buyers. 

Since you’re blogging anyway, doesn’t it make sense to use that blog of yours to its full potential? You can use ​each post to easily generate leads and build your list by filling your content marketing funnel. Even if you don't have much traffic yet.

Cindy Bidar and Karon Thackston Show You Exactly How It’s Done

How to Fill Your Funnel: A Blogging Game Plan to Grow Your List & Income Fast

Here’s What You’ll Learn (click for more details)...

SESSION 1: How to Monetize Your Content Marketing Funnel & Simple Tech Steps to Implement It

SESSION 2: How to Use Blog Posts to Fill Funnels Fast

​SESSION 3: How to Find & Use Keywords to Improve Rankings & Visibility

​SESSION 4: Simple Tech Set Up

Cindy Bidar & Karon Thackston Deliver Over 30 Years of Online Business Marketing Strategy Designed to Boost Your Subscriber Base & Passive Income

While Cindy and Karon have known each other and worked together for about 10 years, this is the first time they’ve teamed up to create a training program. <Cue the drumroll!>

Cindy began her online career in 2010 as a part-time copy and content writer, but she quickly found a love of marketing, and all the techy bits that make it work. In 2011, she ditched a stressful, underpaid day job to launch a virtual assistant business from a tiny home office, and soon had a full roster of clients.

For 8 years, she managed the marketing operations for 6- and 7-figure coaches, course creators and digital information sellers before turning her focus to creating training resources online entrepreneurs need to systemize and automate their sales funnels… and make more money, too!

Karon Thackston has owned Marketing Words since 1999. Starting from a desire to get out of the corporate marketing world and do her own thing, she drew on her strength as a content and copywriter when launching her biz.

With a borrowed Packard Bell computer (that had 2 MEG of RAM!) and a rickety, used desk stuffed into the corner of her dining room, she began a journey that would evolve into a multiple-six-figure income (with over six figures in passive income alone).

Now she’s ready to show you how she drives new opt-ins (and more recurring revenue) into her funnels every day.

Here’s What Others Say About​
Cindy’s and Karon’s Courses

There’s so much educational babble out there in the online universe. One must think critically regarding what teacher to spend educational dollars on and time with in order to learn. You, Karon, are one of those to me.

Candace Fischer

Small Business Owner

Cindy's programs = Best investments in resources and training I've made in a long while. [They] support my current focus to streamline, automate, and accelerate my marketing efforts.

Kat Sturtz

Your Invitation
Let Us Show You Precisely How to Use Blogging to Fill Your Funnels With Ease to Get More Targeted Clients, a Loyal Community and Increased Sales

That’s nearly 4 hours of professional training with access to a private Facebook group for support.

If you learn best with watch-me-do-it lessons, this training is just for you!

​Boost Your List Growth & Passive Income Starting Today

Normally $199
Now Only $99.50 (no coupon required)


Do I have to have a blog to take this course?

We’re talking about using the posts you write for your blog to drive qualified leads into your funnels. In order to get the most from this training, you either need to have an existing blog or have plans to start one very soon.

Do I need to have a lot of traffic to my blog for this to work?

Not at all! We will cover 8 ways to optimize each of the posts on your blog for the search engines ​plus other ways to drive traffic. Whether you have great traffic levels now, or are just getting started, we've got you covered!

Do I need special software or tools? 

No. Both Karon and Cindy have their favorites, but the strategies they’re teaching in this course will work with any email marketing, blogging, and form-building software you choose.

​Want More Opt-In Who Buy What You Offer?

How to Fill A Funnel walks you through the simple ways for
using your blog to build your list & your bank account.
Normally $199
Now Only $99.50 (no coupon required)

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