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Get Industry Experts and Influencers to Send You Their Traffic!

Every online business owner has the same need: more traffic. 

You can spend years building "organic" traffic. You can pay Facebook or Google oodles of money for ads that may or may not work. You can play "beat the algorithm" with Instagram and Pinterest. 

Or you could just ask others to share their audiences with you. 

That's what building an affiliate army is all about, and it's by far the easiest, most cost effective strategies for driving traffic to your sales pages, opt-in forms, and even your blog posts. 

My name is Cindy Bidar, and I've been building six- and seven-figure online businesses since 2011, and I've done it exclusively by leveraging other people's audiences. 

No social media. 

No paid ads. 

No SEO. No Pinterest. No annoying algorithm updates either. 

Just a loyal army of affiliates who happily promote my courses and content. 

Want build your own affiliate program? Join me for an exclusive LIVE workshop, where I'll walk you through everything you need to know, including...

  • How affiliate programs work, and why recent crackdowns on "third-party cookies" aren't having any impact on us (unlike the toll these changes are taking on paid ads). 
  • How your affiliate program ROI stacks up against paid ads, SEO traffic, and social media.
  • Why giving away a portion of your profits is good for business (this one mindset shift will change the way you approach affiliates and make you more profitable, too).
  • How to get started with an affiliate program, including my top recommendations for tools to use.
  • Best practices for building an appealing, mutually beneficial affiliate program.
  • How to find, recruit, and work with top affiliates. 

This live training happens

Tuesday, June 27 at 2 PM Eastern

All you have to do is enter your name and email below to register. I'll send you all the details on where to join us, plus a downloadable worksheet you can use to map out your own affiliate program. 

And don't worry if you can't make it live. I'll send you the replay so you can watch on your own schedule. 


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