Testing for Leaks in a Sales Page

If you’re promoting ClickBank products, the most important consideration – after the quality of the product, of course – is the sales page conversion rate. Since you can’t really know those numbers with certainty, you have to look for clues, and one of the best is the amount of leaks on the page.

A leak is any link that takes the visitor off the page. They might lead to articles, a blog, a disclaimer page, or even to YouTube. Some of these leaks are inevitable. ClickBank requires that you have a way for customers to contact you, for example, and while that doesn’t have to be a live link, vendors often choose to make it so. Every opportunity for the reader to leave the sales page is an opportunity to lose a sale. After all, a sales page has only one goal: to close the sale. Any link that leads away from the buy now button takes a reader further from that goal.

There’s an even worse kind of leak than a simple link to an article, though: The FREE information sign-up.

Vendors sometimes think that if someone is on the fence about buying the product, the offer of more information through an email list might turn them into a buyer later. That’s probably true. However, some vendors use it as a way to get around paying affiliate commissions. How can you tell? Simple. Generate a link with your ClickBank ID and visit the page through that link. Sign up for the list, and wait for the vendor to send you an email promoting his or her product. It usually takes about three emails. Now, visit the sales page again through that link. Click the buy now button, and scroll to the bottom of the checkout screen. If you see [Affiliate = none] then you will not get credit for any sales made through this vendor’s email list.

For products I’m really interested in, I have gone to the trouble of checking this out. Unfortunately, I’ve never found one that passed my affiliate link into his or her system. So now, in most cases if I see the sign-up box, I just move on.

What about you? What criteria do you use when selecting a product to promote?

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